Timeline Pack for Keynote Template

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Professional Timeline Pack Keynote Template:

  • 30 Unique slides
  • 7 Pre-made color theme
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD, 16:10, 4:3
  • Retina ready
  • .KEY Templates
  • No need install fonts! No need install icons!
  • Easy to edit
  • 2 click customization color, text, form

The template is comprised of a 30 unique slide - all of them are devoted to the timelines. Such a great set of timelines slides allows you to find the right one. The slides are available in 7 color variations due to which you can choose the most suitable for your brand option. It includes a wide range of multipurpose slides and each slide has a unique design and structure. Here, you'll find arrows, circular, step by step and other timelines. The number of points also varies.

The structure of each slide is professionally developed. Thus, all blocks are located on the slide so that you place information logically, consistently and clearly. With the personal timeline template, you'll make you project vivid, clear, and interesting.

Why should you use premade slides?

You can thing that there is no need to use ready-made slides because it is easy to create presentations on your own. But here are some tricky points:

  • Quick work. Working with a premade template, all you have to do is to insert information. A great part of work has already made. And this let you work efficiently.
  • Save time. This point follows from the previous one.
  • No mistakes. If you want to make the presentation on our own, your project can contain mistakes. It's human factor! Professionals can notice such typical mistakes that non-professional employees make. To exclude the possibility of making such mistakes, the ready-made templates exist.

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