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2YOU is a responsive Fashion Clothes Magento Theme that looks very appealing with its clean and elegant style. The design relies heavily on such concepts as cleanness, white space and Retina ready photography. A large hero slider captures attention with special offers, whereas grid-based banners and featured area draw visitors' eye to your store products, inviting them to start shopping right from the home page. For better navigation, the theme includes MegaMenu and advanced search. Both of these elements allow you to reach the desired content in a matter of clicks. Together with such traditional eCommerce options as commenting system, newsletter subscription, newsletter popup, online chat, categories accordion, and social options, the template includes integrated Instagram feed, which lets users follow your updates without leaving the site.

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This Fashion & Beauty Blog Magento theme is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

It's a function which helps to satisfy each and every visitor and search engine demands and reach rating positions in the search.

Why is it Good?

The Search Engine Friendly web design is a good general platform to get started on advertising and marketing and improving research rankings of the site. It is really considerably easier to work with this sort of site for Search engine optimisation expert because part of the work is previously completed.

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This is a Parallax Fashion Stylist Magento design

What is it?

Parallax effect is a technique in web page design where the background details moves less quickly than the foreground.

Why is it Good?

It generates an intense impact for the visitor, and thus attracting a large target audience and causing visitors to stick to the website. That's a easy way to add a highlight to a one-page website, restore an infographic, tell a story or display a portfolio.

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This is a Bootstrap Beauty Magento design theme

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for producing sites.

Why is it Good?

Implementing such type of framework noticeably speeds up the entire process of constructing pages. Regular patterns are super easy to transform, which provides a flexible and easy approach for developing website styles.

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Jurubita Liviu Florin PFA CUI35227201

This is an easy to use theme! Works good with Magento + different plugins.

Daniel Gysel

This template worked perfectly for a store I built for a client that is an add on in a multisite environment. We're using Google Cloud and running cPanel since we need to stay in the v1.9 of Magento for another year while Magento v2 matures. We've been very happy with template monster themes. Support has assisted when we needed help. Being able to find quality Magento v1.9 as the software sunsets is essential to keeping legacy sites up and running/improving. Thanks Template Monster.

Besim BarQasho

Very nice template. Superb support and installation assistance. Affordable prices. Im very satisfied. Thank you for your help again

Henry F.

I want to recommend this product to other people and, also, recommend template monster as template provider.

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