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Updated: May 28, 2013

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Quality spares are always in demand, so your new online store has all chances to become profitable, especially with such user-centered design. Main attention is paid to quick navigation. Banners in the content area make it visual and provide search by brand. Vertical menu in the left sidebar is enhanced by footer links. Slider demonstrates luxury car images that impart an expensive look to the website.

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TemplateMonster and TemplateTunning have a very good support, they helped us with specific things and always very kindly. I recommend to everyone that wants to start with a good layout.
the description within the categories within the homepage to give customers a better experience when they first come onto the site

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Hello, If I purchase this theme, will the sample product images/banners be included?
Thank you for your question. Yes all sample product images/banners are included.
Hi, I have a question concerning this template. Is a product navigation with more than one level in the sidebar possible? We are looking for a template that has the possibility to show two sub levels within the side navigation: Category -> Subcategory 1 --> Sub-sub-category 1 --> Sub-sub-category 2 --> Sub-sub-category 3 --> Subcategory 2 Thanks foy your help Bart
It can dislapy as many sublevels as you like. My website has 3 sublevels:
How do I stop the images in the home page slider being compressed and losing quality? I've uploaded images at 100% quality but it seems to be compressing them with jpg compression on the fly. Can I stop this from happening?

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