Magetique - AMP-Ready Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

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Additional things to choose:
  • The service includes the following:
    - Template and engine installation.
    - Configuration of the following:
    (i) currencies,
    (ii) shipping,
    (iii) payment,
    (iv) taxes,
    (v) locations (geo zones),
    (vi) store contacts.
    - Logo upload.
    - Products import (up to 1000 simple products without options/attributes/combinations; you should provide a valid CSV file).
    - Main Menu (up to 2 levels of simple menu).
    - Header & Footer Links.
    - 1 language installation.
    - Google Analytics Integration.
    - Cron Configuration.
    - Landing Page Update (banners, slides, texts).
    - SEO Basics (sitemap, robots.txt).
    - 5 CMS Pages.
    - 10% discount for 3 customization services.

    ETA: 24 hours.
  • The following important changes will be integrated to your template to comply with the core GDPR rules:

    - Cookie banner
    - Privacy policy page (with sample content) will be added to your template.
    - A checkbox in the template contact form, newsletter and newsletter pop-up for a consent to the storage of data.
    - Updated newsletter pop-up module with a checkbox for a consent to the storage of data.

    This service is completed within 24-48 business hours.

    Note, compliance to GDPR is risk-based ongoing process that involves your whole business. We are not eligible for any claim or action based on any information or functionality implemented with this offer.

    Note: the offer is limited to the services listed in the description. All the additional changes should be discussed separately and can be performed for an extra fee only.
  • Positive SSL certificate provides the highest levels of protection for your website.

    Among its features are easy domain validation, free site seal, 128/256 bit encryption and the fast process of issuing. Plus, this certificate comes backed by the Comodo brand , one of the most trusted names in internet security. Add it to your order and you'll be able to pay for the certificate in the same transaction along with your template purchase.

    Please note that a dedicated IP is required for any SSL certificate, including this one. Some hosting packages include it (VPN), some don't (any shared hosting). This may mean that additional charges may be applied by your hosting provider in order to have your website hosted on a Dedicated IP.
  • StoreFront for your Website is like a welcome mat for your house and is the first thing one should take care of. You only get one chance to make a first impression perfect! Let our professional designers turn your Homepage to a beautiful and attractive StoreFront. With this service you’ll get all not product-related images replaced and arranged in a beautiful way on your Homepage.

    Please note! Categories and Products images replacement is not implied by this service.
  • If you don't want to spend your time installing the template, don't hesitate to order expert assistance. Usually, the installation is completed within 3 hours by our Service Center once the access details to your hosting server received. Only in rare cases, Magento installation may take up to 12 hours due to hosting account features and peculiarities.

    Note: Project starts once customer provides complete details acceptable by production to avoid delays, not time of actual purchase.
Under a Single Site License for the template you are granted a non-exclusive non-transferable permission to use the template on a single domain.
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  • Features
    Magetique embraces all of our design and technical knowledge, which translates into the most advanced Magento 2 experience. It includes a myriad of marketing, design and administration tools. No other theme on the market offers this much functionality right off the bat - you're getting over 20 extensions that facilitate your business needs. From simple upsell modules, like Smart Product Labels and Featured Products, to advanced design functions, like Parallax & Background Video. Easily edit pages, page blocks and various on-screen elements to provide a tailored shopping experience for your clients. You don't need any CSS knowledge or programming skills to do that. You get all of this eCommerce goodness for free. The package includes 5 layouts that were carefully crafted to fit a variety of niches. They are easily installed and managed with an intuitive interface and detailed documentation. A plethora of editing features, like custom footer and header layouts, offer simple re-design options that will keep your store fresh and appealing. All of this is tucked into a package that runs smoothly on any device - optimized for the ever-growing hordes of mobile shoppers. The high GTMetrix and Google's Page Speed scores come as a cherry on top.

    This template is featured in the following editorial reviews:

    10 Striking Fashion Designer Magento Themes

  • Properties

    Magento Extensions:
    Ajax Search Social Icons MegaMenu Film Slider Ajax Wishlist Ajax Compare Ajax Catalog Newsletter popup Layout Switcher Parallax and Video Background Google Map Shop by Brand Catalog Images Grid Blog Featured Products Theme Options Special Price Countdown Social Login Social Sharing Facebook page plugin Twitter plugin Site Maintenance AMP
    Magento Compatibility:
    Magento Engine:
    Magento Edition:
    Magento Open Source
    Additional Features:
    Advanced Theme Options Ajax Products Filter Sliced PSD Back To Top Button Commenting System Crossbrowser Compatibility Dropdown Menu Favicon Google map Google Web Fonts Live Search Sample content Tabs MegaMenu One
    Categories View:
    Grid List
    CSS 3 HTML 5 JQuery Semantic Code Valid Coding
    Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Admin Panel Ajax Responsive Retina Ready Search Engine Friendly Theme Color Switcher
    Installation and set up instructions are attached (look for Documentation folder).
    Language support:
    Web Forms:
    Advanced Search Contact Form Login Form Newsletter Subscription User Registration Search Form

    Software and Hosting Requirements

    MySQL 5.7

    For database management.

    PHP 7.2.x

    For processing pages and scripts on the server.

    PHP 7.1.3+

    For processing pages and scripts on the server.

    Apache 2.2 or 2.4 with mod_rewrite or nginx 1.8

    MySQL 5.6

    PHP extensions: bc-math, curl, gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both, intl, mbstring, mcrypt, mhash, openssl, PDO/MySQL, SimpleXML, soap, xml, xsl, zip

    Extensions for PHP 7: json, iconv

    PHP OPcache


  • Magetique Version 2.3.3 (July 14, 2019)
    • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.3.2;
    • - fixed: add MegaMenu label styles;
    • - fixed: Social Login extension authorization issues;
    • - fixed: AMP Home Page Layout;

    Magetique Version 2.3.1 (Apr 21, 2019)
    • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.3.1;
    • - fixed: 5 minor database bugs;

    Magetique Version v2.3.2 (May 3, 2019)
    • - delete: Sample Data Installer;

    Magetique Version 2.3.1 (Apr 21, 2019)

    • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.3.1;
    • - fixed: 5 minor database bugs;

    Magetique Version 2.3.0 (Jan 11, 2019)

    • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.3.0;
    • - fixed: 2 minor database bugs;
    • - fixed: Main Menu display issues;

    Magetique Version 2.2.2 (Nov 27, 2018)

    • - fixed: left sidebar display issues;
    • - fixed: unable to reset filters in product categories page;

    Magetique Version 2.2.1 (Oct 20, 2018)

    • - fixed: Compare Massages display issues;
    • - fixed: Main Menu issues;
    • - fixed: minor database issues;

    Magetique Version 2.2.0 (Oct 17, 2018)

    • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.2.6;
    • - fixed: 2 minor database bugs;
    • - fixed: printable version issues;
    • - fixed: header loading issues;

    Magetique Version 2.1.18 (July 19, 2018)
    • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.2.5;
    • - fixed: 2 minor database bugs;
    • - fixed: "Update" icon in mini-cart;
    • - fixed: validate star field for reviews;

    Magetique Version 2.1.16 (May 23, 2018)
    • - fixed: Parallax image display on Edge;
    • - fixed: Parallax scroll on Edge;
    • - fixed: Checkout scroll on Edge;
    • - fixed: incorrect rating display on Edge;
    • - fixed: Mini-Cart incorrect product adding;
    • - fixed: product price incorrect display in Featured Products widget;
    • - fixed: Ajax Catalog category filters and search results;
    • - fixed: issues with Full Pack Installation on HTTPS;
    • - fixed: Catalog Images Grid columns and pagination display;
    • - fixed: price and taxes label display on Listing and Product Page;
    • - fixed: issues with shopping options on mobile version;
    • - update: CSS for default email templates;
    • - update: CSS for Minimum Advertised Price;

    Magetique Version 2.1.10 (April 6, 2018)
    • - UPDATE: new version of Magento engine 2.2.3;
    • - UPDATE: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) extension;
    • - fixed: minor bugs;

    Magetique Version 2.1.9 (February 16, 2018)
    • - fixed: Minicart extension;
    • - fixed: added css-styles for category filter;

    Magetique Version 2.1.8 (February 01, 2018)
    • - UPDATE: Featured Products widget;
    • - ADD: 5 databases for each topic;

    Magetique Version 2.1.7 (January 28, 2018)
    • - fixed: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) extension;

    Magetique Version 2.1.6 (January 12, 2018)
    • - ADDED: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) extension;

    Magetique Version 2.1.5 (December 28, 2017)
    • - UPDATE: new version of Magento engine 2.2.2;
    • - fixed: Theme options social links;

    Magetique Version 2.1.4 (December 15, 2017)
    • - UPDATE: new version of Magento engine 2.2.1;
    • - update: deleted Smart Product Labels extension;

    Magetique Version 2.1.2 (July 10, 2017)
    • - update: Ajax Search extension;
    • - update: Product Labels extension;
    • - update: Theme Updater extension;
    • - update: Ajax Compare extension;
    • - update: Film Slider extension;
    • - update: Shop by Brand extension;
    • - fixed: Product type styles;
    • Minor bug fixes;

    Magetique Version 2.1 (June 05, 2017)
    • - UPDATE: new version of Magento engine 2.1.7;

    Magetique Version 2.0 (May 28, 2017)
    Amendments and additions:
    • - update: Compatibility with Magento 2.1.6 engine;;
    • - add: Sample data Installer/Import extension;;
    • - add: ability to add Posts' categories block on the posts listing page (Blog extension);;
    • - add: ability to add the Price slider to the product filter in the sidebar; infinite scroll option (Ajax Catalog extension);;
    • - add: Tabs, banner, gallery (Featured Product extension);;
    • - add: Change image on hover option, ability to display thumbnail gallery or/and product image slider on the catalog page (Theme option extension);;
    • - fixed: Ajax Compare extension;;
    • - fixed: Ajax search extension;;
    • - fixed: Parallax and video background extension;;
    • - fixed: Shop by brand extension;;
    • - fixed: Smart product labels extension;;
    • - fixed: Film slider extension;;
    • - fixed: Design issues;;
    • - Minor bug fixes.;

    Magetique Version 1.2 (February 27, 2017)
    • - UPDATE: new version of Magento engine 2.1.5;
    • - new: 1 fresh theme with 2 extra layout of the main page: Spare parts;
    • - new: One extra layout of the main page in each theme;
    • - update: Blog extension;
    • - update: Featured Product extension;
    • - update: FilmSlider extension;
    • - update: Megamenu extension;
    • - fixed: Theme Options extension;
    • - fixed: Layout Switcher extension;
    • - fixed: Shop By Brand extension;
    • - fixed: CountdownTimer extension;
    • - fixed: Parallax extension;
    • - Minor bug fixes;

    Magetique Version 1.1 (December 26, 2016)
    • - new: 2 fresh themes: Bikes and Medical equipment;
    • - new: One extra layout of the main page in each theme;
    • - new: One more page layout;
    • - new: Two more listing page layouts;
    • - new: Shop by brand extension;
    • - new: Special price countdon extension;
    • - new: Social login extension;
    • - new: Social sharing extension;
    • - new: Smart product labels extension;
    • - new: Image zoom extension;
    • - new: Site Maintenance extension;
    • - Updated versions of theme options, featured products, layout switcher and blog extensions;
    • - Fixed parallax issue (now compatible with new version of Chrome);
    • - Minor bug fixes.
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