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Defrozo is an outstanding and graphically polished MotoCMS 3 template well suited for all kinds of photographers who wish to showcase their art via professionally designed and visually appealing website. No matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer, freelancer or in-house creative, experienced photojournalist or just a hobbyist, Defrozo has everything to create a flawless reputation for your art.

Along with 4 pre-made templates for every page and lots of handy widgets, Defrozo comes with an incredible set of features like drag-and-drop builder, 3 types of galleries, wide range of made-up presets and even a powerful photo editor — everything you need to create a stunning photography portfolio.

With Defrozo your site will look perfectly on any device thanks to its fully responsive layout. So leave all the worries behind and go check live preview to see all the details.

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José Antonio Bárcenas

Amazing template, easy to install, configurate and use, we are so happy with this template

david jansen

This is an excellent template. Moto CMS 3 is great. There is a learning curve however you will get the hang of it quickly. Most importantly they have 34/7 support which I used many times and they are more helpful than you expect. Whenever I got stuck in something, they would quickly help me until I was on my own. I must say that I am not well versed into web designing and had many questions but they seemed willing to help me out. Support for Moto CMS is really great and it makes me have fait in their products. As for their template itself It has an excellent design and well worth the 100 bucks that I spent.

Chris Jason

Great template for creating a portfolio online. I like also the fact that Defrozo is different from the most of MotoCMS templates. It is the first theme that contains a great many extra templates inside. You can build as much original pages as you need yourself and everntually save a lot of money.

Judy Rowood

I would recommend this template to everyone who is just about to begin own career. Compared to other solutions, Defrozo has pretty fair price. If you would test it with the trial version, you could notice that there is literally everything to not just have a website, but promote it and, actually, grow your business.

Frank Leonton

I got Defrozo as my second website. I had some experience with WP, but the only thing I feel about it now is frustration. Can’t say the same about Moto CMS. I hate coding. It’s absolutely not for me. The admin panel is a great system that is easy to use and update. As for the template I like it for rich layouts and really amazing design.

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