18 Donation Moto CMS 3 Templates

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Fondson - Political Candidate Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
If you want to launch a website for a politician, look at this political candidate template. Its pre-built pages let you provide the person’s biography, present the campaign, update the news regularly, illustrate events with images or videos, etc. Accept donations, engage volunteers, and change the world with the help of a well-structured website.
Sales: 15
Last updated: 02.11.20
The Ballot - Political Candidate Moto CMS 3 Template
With this contemporary politician website template, you can launch a political candidate’s website in a couple of days. Customize pre-designed pages about the candidate, the party they represent, the team who works on the campaign, recent projects, etc. Also, well-thought call-to-action buttons help you engage voters and encourage them to join you.
Sales: 11
Last updated: 04.12.20
Joseph Parker - Political Candidate Moto CMS 3 Template
This political candidate website template by MotoCMS is suitable for describing the candidate’s campaign, presenting the mission, illustrating events, and showing political programs. Add the candidate’s biography, videos from TV programs, and publish people’s reviews to convince new voters. Customize the template and run a successful campaign, keeping voters updated.
Sales: 3
Last updated: 18.11.20
GiveWell - Donation Moto CMS 3 Template
Look at this non-profit website template with an easy drag-and-drop website builder and numerous functionality features available! This charity theme has a modern and fully customizable website layout, multiple useful widgets and integrations, and many pre-designed content blocks that can be easily modified, added or removed. So, you can make a funding organization, charity event, or any non-profit site in no time!
Sales: 1
Last updated: 13.01.21
Minister - Political Candidate Moto CMS 3 Template
When every vote counts, a successful election campaign website is a must. Get this modern, well-structured political campaign website design and create an efficient multi-page website for a candidate fast. The template includes separate pages to present information not only about the candidate but also about the team. Additionally, you can showcase projects and post the news regularly on the website’s blog.
Sales: 10
Last updated: 21.12.20