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  • Outlook does not support background images;
  • Gmail mobile app (all platforms) partly supports Responsiveness.

Even though people can't see you, this doesn't mean that radio is all about talking. Nowadays, you must have a powerful online presence and maintain an active and engaging connection with your listeners. If you choose to send out newsletters to remind people of how much fun they can have listening to your radio station, this is one of the best email templates you could select.

The general layout is simple and promotes a friendly atmosphere which is absolutely great for this type of business. Even more, the design is responsive and modern.

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Laszlo K.

Minimal design, which displays well on any device: big buttons, only the core information what I want to see when navigating to my page. I haven't costumized - yet, but it seems that it won't be a pain in the **s. And the price: it's priceless to have a customizable template for a veryvervyvery reasonable price. If you know Photoshop, you can even go further, so while this template looks like being a simple one, it's way more.

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