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Siamo un agenzia di sviluppo siti internet e offriamo ai nostri clienti siti dinamici e statici utilizzando il semplice html o i cms magento e joomla. Da Temlatemonster da qualche anno acquistiamo parecchi pacchetti grafici che poi adattiamo alle esigenze e alle richieste dei nostri clienti. In generale sono tutti responsive e sono facilmente adattabili alle nostre esigenze e integrabili con altri addon esterni.
We are web development company and provided several templates to our client. Our client loved this template after comparing several magento templates for an online store. Even though the website is not related to Food store we felt this is a good design for a consumer specific online store. We are still in the process of implementing this design into a website but do not anticipate any major issues. The inner pages are also well done.
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Hi, Great Theme! Will this one work with magento marketplace extensions? If yes, which one?
Thank you for your question. All our templates are designed to be fully compatible with all extensions and plugins. However, we do not guarantee the proper work of third party plugins with our templates.
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