Best One Page WordPress Themes with Elementor

WordPress one page themes are an excellent solution for various people and companies who wish to present themselves online. Featuring a compact design, these themes nevertheless have powerful functionality that will cover many needs. With a one page WordPress theme by TemplateMonster, you can provide website visitors with all the essential information, grabbing their attention with a stylish design. Created to meet the requirements of different businesses, our templates will suit even the most demanding clients. Explore the collection of the best one-page WordPress templates to find your perfect solution!

One Page WordPress Themes for Different Purposes

Creating each one page WordPress theme, our professional developers and designers take into consideration the peculiarities of different people and businesses. Moreover, they try to choose the best style for each business niche. Consequently, you will find a wide variety of one-page templates that differ in their design. Depending on your needs, you can apply one-page WordPress templates for:

  • portfolios;
  • events and occasions;
  • companies offering services;
  • application websites, etc.

Let’s have a closer look at clients and companies who can benefit from a one page WordPress theme.

Portfolio Presentation with WordPress One Page Themes

First of all, you can use a one page WordPress theme to create both an individual page and a team presentation. Created in different styles, our themes will strike you with their variety and functionality. With our templates, you can easily build a website for freelancers or employed professionals. Specifically, you can choose a theme for:

  • web designers and developers; 
  • fashion models or stylists;
  • artists, writers, musicians;
  • educators and trainers;
  • life counselors or coaches, etc.

No matter how specific your needs are, we can help you create an astonishing portfolio to present the necessary information. Your personal page will have a clear, concise, and well-organized structure. Undoubtedly, it can provide more information than an ordinary CV, as it can illustrate your skills and experience effectively.

Services Promotion with a Single Page WordPress Theme

Apart from building a portfolio, you can use a one page WordPress theme to present the services of different organizations. Unlike multipage online stores that have to create numerous pages for their products, companies that offer services can demonstrate them effectively with a single-page website. Such businesses are, for instance:

  • car repair and rentals;
  • house cleaning organizations;
  • beauty salons; 
  • sports clubs, etc.

After studying a variety of services, customers can come to your office. Moreover, with a Booking form included in one-page templates, people can order certain services without leaving the comfort of their house.

Advertising Events with a One Page WordPress Theme

One page WordPress themes are also suitable for providing essential information about various occasions. Definitely, instead of launching a multiple-page site, you can demonstrate all the necessary details on a single page. To be specific, you can use a WordPress one page theme for informing about:

  • conferences,
  • webinars, 
  • weddings, 
  • parties, 
  • occasional sales, etc.

For instance, you can create a one-page website for conferences, meetings, webinars, etc. You will be able to introduce your speakers and display schedules. Calendars included in one page WordPress themes will be helpful for this.

Similarly, when you are getting ready for a wedding, you can create your personal website and keep your guests informed. People will know such details as schedule, location, and a wishlist of presents you would like to get.

Application Advancement with One Page WordPress Themes

One page theme WordPress functionality also lets you emphasize the features of such products as application. You will effectively inform people about the benefits of your app, advertise your product effectively, indicate its cost, and give a link for downloading it. As an example, you can have a look at the Photo Editing Application WordPress Theme that lets you promote a photo editing application.

Learn to Create a Portfolio with WordPress One Page Themes

If you aim to launch a one-page website that represents a portfolio, you can learn some advice in the video below. Our professionals will share a few tips of creating a stylish website that captures visitors’ attention instantly.

Tips on Creating Single-page Website with One Page WordPress Themes

As one-page sites should be well-structured and organized, you have to think carefully about the parts that your website should have in order not to seem overloaded. Here are several steps that you can follow while building your single-page website with WordPress one page theme.

Adjust Your Page Layout

When you have chosen and installed your one page WordPress theme, you can start customizing it. Decide on the page layout that will represent your vision best. You may select from columns, grids, or rows to present your information. Moreover, our WordPress one page templates allow you to personalize headers and footers. Also, you can decide which content blocks you wish to include.

Customize Your Page Style with One Page Elementor Theme

If you want to create a stylish one-page website, you should also think about its appearance. With one page WordPress themes by TemplateMonster, you can choose from different background options and adjust the color schemes. Moreover, you can experiment with typography, choosing the fonts you prefer. Such customization will make your site reflect your identity.

Introduce Yourself or Your Company

Whether you are creating a personal page or a company’s portfolio, your website visitors need to know what your page is about. Therefore, the first section that you can create with a one page WordPress theme is the About block. You can show the information you find vital about yourself or your team in carefully-crafted blocks.

Display Your Projects and Services

With a one page WordPress theme, you can showcase your projects and services. It is possible to add their brief descriptions and use icon lists to make them more appealing. Moreover, an efficient media library will let you illustrate projects and services with suitable images effortlessly.

Add Clients’ Reviews with Elementor One Page Template

The functionality of WordPress one page theme Elementor page builder lets you display clients’ feedback effectively. Thus, your potential customers will be able to read real reviews and trust you more. With pre-designed Testimonials, you can be sure that clients’ feedback will look attractive.

Indicate Contact Details Easily with One Page WordPress Theme

Using one page WordPress themes, you can state your:

  • email, 
  • telephone numbers, 
  • addresses. 

Still, while creating your site, you have to prioritize the ways how people can get in touch with you. For personal pages, contact forms and emails are more important than stating the address. Unlike individual portfolios, companies that offer services need to show their location on a map. For instance, car repair services are provided in a garage where customers need to bring their vehicles. So, indicating the company’s location is a must in this case.

Similarly, for companies that offer online courses, it is necessary to give people the possibility to book their classes quickly. Consequently, an email and an appointment form with a booking button will guarantee successful communication between the company and learners.

Incorporate Social Media with WordPress One Page Themes

Using a one page WordPress theme, you can connect your website to different social networks. So, you will easily increase your online presence. Moreover, you will give your site visitors the possibility to spread the word about you via their favorite media. Surely, people appreciate such opportunities.

Arrange Your Content with Widgets of Elementor One Page Templates

Our one page WordPress themes contain numerous widgets that assist you in organizing your content. Firstly, counters will help display data in numbers. Particularly, you can show your skills and expertise in numbers, such as your experience in years. Moreover, it is possible to display the number of completed projects and the history of your brand with counters.

Secondly, countdown timers are incredibly beneficial for single page websites connected with events. You can demonstrate the number of days, hours, and minutes left till the occasion. Thirdly, sliders of one page WordPress themes will significantly save space on the page, presenting all the necessary information effectively.

Essential Properties of WordPress One Page Templates


Responsive Design

To ensure your single-page website looks perfect on any screen, we’ve created responsive one-page themes.


Photo Gallery

Manage your images easily and create stunning galleries with media libraries of WordPress one page themes.


Pricing Plans

Display the cost of your services effectively with carefully-arranged pricing tables of WordPress templates.


Booking Form

Let your clients order your services or make an appointment instantly with a booking form on your site.



Showcase people’s reviews and feedback on your services using Testimonials included in website templates.


Google Maps Integration

Let people find your company quickly by showing your location on the map directly on your one-page website.


Efficient Plugins

Increase your site’s functionality and arrange information efficiently with a variety of embedded plugins.


Google Fonts Integration

Match your site’s style with your brand look by choosing from a variety of Google fonts included in themes.

FAQ about One Page WordPress Themes

Do I need to hire a professional to install and personalize my WordPress one page theme?

No, you don’t. Our one page WordPress themes are created with Elementor Page Builder. It gives you the possibility to edit your page content easily, without changing the code. Moreover, we have equipped our templates with Live Customizer. Using it, you won’t have to reload your page when you make any changes. You will see all the adjustments instantly. 

Additionally, you can install your theme quickly with a one-click installation process. You’ll be ready to find all the guidelines in the theme documentation. So, even if you don’t have any coding skills, you will be able to install your theme and adjust it to your requirements. Still, if you want to trust the whole process to professionals, you can order our template installation and customization services separately.

Can I upload high-quality images to my one page WordPress portfolio?

Yes, you can. We understand that some organizations or specialists need to add high-resolution pictures. For instance, a photographer’s portfolio usually displays the most captivating works, as making a positive good impression leads to acquiring new customers. Consequently, high-resolution photos will contribute a lot to such pages. If you wish to upload images of the highest quality, you should choose a Retina-ready WordPress theme. It will ensure that pictures look perfect on different screens without losing their resolution and quality.

Can I add videos to my one-page WordPress website?

Yes, you can. The content modules of your one page WordPress theme will let you upload data of different types. Particularly, you can add images, audios, videos, etc. Moreover, if you need to create a website for a video agency, you can find a suitable option among the variety of themes by TemplateMonster. For instance, with Motech, you can build an impressive website for a video agency, embedding as many videos as you need for your site.

Are there any WordPress one page themes with Newsletter subscription forms?

Yes, there are. At TemplateMonster, you can choose one page WordPress templates that include a Newsletter subscription form. With this form, you can encourage your website visitors to subscribe to your events and get notifications about the latest projects regularly.

Is it possible to choose an animated one page WordPress theme?

Yes, it is. Trying to create the most state-of-the-art templates, our developers and designers add animation to different parts of WordPress one page themes. Mainly, you can notice animation in images, tabs, widgets, etc. Furthermore, there are various WordPress themes by TemplateMonster that have a Parallax effect. This captivating addition helps you to engage your website visitors effectively.