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Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 1Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 2Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 3Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 4Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 5Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 6Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 7Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 8Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 9Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 10Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 11Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 12Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 13Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 14Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 15Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 16Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 17Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 18Tools Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 19
This responsive tool store OpenCart template has a functional header giving visitors an instant access to product categories, currencies, languages, login, search, cart, wishlist and other options. Once customers enter your web store, they will have everything at hand for easy navigation. This design boasts multiple banners for both product categorization and showcase of your special offers, e.g. new arrivals and discounted products. Another highlight of the template is an information-packed footer featuring contact details, social widget, additional links and info about your services. As for its palette, the dark footer and some other page elements contrast with the rest of the design made in the light tone and spiced up with peach color accents.

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This is a Bootstrap Home & Family OpenCart ecommerce template

What is it?

Bootstrap is definitely a completely free front-end framework which offers for a lot quicker and quick website development experience.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap scales any of your web projects from smartphones to desktops employing the same codebase. It makes the web developing process much easier.

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This Home & Family Magazine OpenCart design template is Responsive

What is it?

This is actually the capability of the layout to transform based on the width of the screen.

Why is it Good?

Regardless of what type of gadget your potential customers could use to enter the internet site - they may discover a stunning graphic which has a handy navigation menu. It really is an especially necessary feature, bearing in mind that a great number of internet consumers now favor their cellphones for web surfing.

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This is Home & Family Services OpenCart design with On-line chat

What is it?

On-line chat may help you socialize with all your target audience real-time.

Why is it Good?

On-line Chat is an excellent option for corporate websites. It enables assisting hesitating shoppers and encouraging them to make their final choice. On-line Chat makes your project seem more trustworthy and brings more clients to your firm.

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Мінімалістичний шаблон для опенкарту, який коштує своїх грошей, в дизайні є усе необхідне, думаю що він підійде для різних тематик, не тільки для продажу інструментів. Шаблон для опенкарту я налаштовував вперше тому Техпідтримка мінімально допомагала. Демо-контент вдалося порівняно легко кастомізувати під себе і свої товари. Лишається подякувати розробникам, молодці - В цілому шаблоном Tools Store я задоволенний.
Приобретаю шаблоны Opencart уже не в первый раз, всё просто замечательно. Адаптивная вёрстка, удобная админ панель наполненная множеством модулей, очень богатый функционал данной CMS. Фактически с opencart можно создать абсолютной любой по величине интернет магазин, который справится с самыми сложными задачами. Быстрая установка, для начала непривычно, но с каждой установленной админ панелью работа становится приятной и удобной.
Hello, Sorry for my English pessimo. I installed this template model and had no problem, all items worked perfectly. Thank you for otimo work done. Big hug, Fernando Mendes -- PORTUGUESE -- Olá, Desculpe pelo meu pessimo ingles. Fiz a instalação deste modelo de template e não tive nenhum problema, todos os itens funcionaram perfeitamente. Muito obrigado pelo otimo trabalho efetuado. Grande Abraço, Fernando Mendes
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Hi, not bad templates, but I have troubles with work... After few hours I find some error in the code: in the file: \catalog\controller\module\tm_megamenu.php on line 62 we should to change string: $categories_arr = []; to: $categories_arr = array();
Tools Store OpenCart Template is a very user friendly template and good for sale your product.
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