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With this premium template your online shop can be more profitable than ever. It features a pretty simple design that allows the visitors to find the things they want to purchase in a few clicks. The theme is fully responsive as well, so people will be able to reach your website from any handheld device. In the content section you can find a gallery to showcase your products and latest arrivals. With this electronic store OpenCart theme you will be able to run your business more effectively.


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This is a Bootstrap Electronics Components OpenCart ecommerce template

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for creating internet resources.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap helps to create responsive, mobile-first projects successfully.

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This is Electronics Store OpenCart design theme with On-line chat

What is it?

Organizations that offer their solutions having technical support practice it in a number of diverse techniques, but yet online chat is just about the rarest. This would mean that you can get an answer to your problem truly fast and also have a chat with one who can help you fix pretty much any problems.

Why is it Good?

On-line chat certainly is the quickest way to connect with your website visitors and turn them into your clients.

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This Electronic Store OpenCart theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means properly adapted to the screens of all sizes on any gadget.

Why is it Good?

With the increasing fascination with smartphones, the quantity of individuals who log on to the internet sites from devices has increased significantly. This sort of feature enables you to modify websites to cellular devices and diverse screen extensions, ultimately supplying cellphone consumers with enhanced opportunities.

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Timmy Yu

Wonderful! Wonderful templates at the best prices! With the help of this theme, we are able to get a visually tempting and fully functional e-commerce web site. The design is so diligent and creative, The rightful mix of creativity and functionality has created an attractive web site for at reasonable price. We are particularly impressed by the technical support of their professional team. Thanks to them for the incredible job!

Marat H

Приятный симпатичный сайт с неплохим дизайном. Основное преимущество шаблона в том что он устанавливается в момент установки самого сайта, а не отдельной установкой плагинов и тем, как в других вариантах. Из главного минуса - то что отсутствует меню категорий в шапке сайта. Поэтому в карточке товара, в корзине или еще где-либо, где контент на всю ширину экрана, невозможно войти в какую-либо категорию.

Savchenko Maksym

Есть очень много моментов которые нас показались не логичными и не корректно реализованными в данном шаблоне. несколько раз нам пришлось связываться с разработчиками для консультации

Данил Постнов

Хороший шаблон, подходит под бытовую технику и интернет-магазины в целом! Лаконичный дизайн в сочетании с правильно подогнанными ячейками шаблона, мягко и непринужденно ласкают взгляд новых покупателей перешедших с Директа и ненавязчиво подталкивают к продаже именно того товара , который вы захотели продать в первую очередь! Заказчик в экстазе , покупатели сметают всё с полок интернет-магазина, облагороженного данным шаблоном!

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Additional Features

Language support

Gallery Script


Web Forms

OpenCart Engine

Bootstrap Version

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OpenCart Modules


Requirements for software and hosting

  • Adobe Photoshop CC+

    Adobe Photoshop CC+

  • Apache Server

    Apache Server

  • MySQL 4.1.14+

    MySQL 4.1.14+

  • ZIP archivator

    ZIP archivator

  • OpenCart


  • PHP 5.4+

    PHP 5.4+

  • PHP code editor

    PHP code editor

  • Web Server (preferably Apache)

    Web Server (preferably Apache)

  • MySQL


  • Curl


  • Fsock


  • PHP 5.4 or higher

    PHP 5.4 or higher

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