Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template

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Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 1Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 2Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 3Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 4Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 5Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 6Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 7Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 8Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 9Underwear - Lingerie & Underwear Store OpenCart Template - Features Image 10
Underwear is a cross-browser compatible,SEO-friendly and responsive template crafted for lingerie, swimwear, trendy underwear, and sleepwear stores. The template is loaded with social options and useful tools, like a Twitter feed, Pinterest board and Facebook like box to promote your accounts and to get the effective user engagement across most popular platforms. Craftily hidden dropdown menu, which can be unfolded on demand, will keep the look of your site clean and organized. With an array of additional pages, which can be customized on demand, you can get an impeccable functionality for your site. Thanks to image slider, parallax effect and catchy background, the homepage of your site will be a powerful trigger to obtain new clients. Product quick view can be shown within a click. Visitors can learn about each product in detail and instantly get back to shopping. Grab Underwear Shop OpenCart Template with sliced PSD, valid, semantic coding and detailed documentation.

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This is a Parallax Guys Underwear OpenCart design template

What is it?

This is a exceptional method when the background image moves slower in perception compared to the factors the foreground. Therefore, Parallax leads to a experience of a three-dimensional space.

Why is it Good?

Parallax scrolling effect offers your viewers an illusion of depth in 2D spaces of your website. It makes your resource more vibrant and exceptional. Parallax is suitable for spicing up a single-page site, giving life to infographics, or perhaps exhibiting a portfolio.

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This is a Bootstrap Fashion Trends OpenCart design theme

What is it?

Bootstrap is an open-source framework for website and apps design.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap is tremendously variable for any customization. It's simple to manage with, contains a wonderful grid system and wide elements number.

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This Fashion OpenCart theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive website design strategy makes a internet site's interface variable to any kind of screen resolution.

Why is it Good?

Responsive design ensures that the website will offer a good browsing experience to all users across all devices.

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This is Fashion OpenCart template with On-line chat

What is it?

Companies that provide their products utilizing tech support apply it in many particular ways, yet online chat is regarded as the rarest. That means that you can get an answer to your problem really fast and have a talk with a person who can help you handle each and every problems.

Why is it Good?

It enables you to live chat with site visitors and review visitors' online activities.

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This is a good solid template, easy to modify where required. Strong use of image assets and nicely laid out assets (no pun intended) Navigation is probably a strong detractor for non mobile users.
работает все отлично, сайт еще не запустили, но все нравится
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Can I change product page / product broweser to have black backround ?
Thank you for your question! Yes, you can change all the colors and the background, please check free tutorial: https://www.templatemonster.com/help/opencart-how-to-change-background.html We would recommend you to start our live chat on https://www.templatemonster.com/ to get more info. We will be more than happy to help. Andrea Gonzales.
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