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Demetrio Fortman


I think I have had the idea of creating something unique and inspiring since childhood.

Demetrio is a New-York based web developer and entrepreneur. Since 2008, he has founded several projects: MotoCMS, MotoPress and Defrozo. He is constantly searching for new opportunities, personal and professional growth.

Demetrio has a proactive mindset and he is mad about everything related to extreme sports, especially relating to sky and height. He is a marathoner with his personal best 3:26:20.

In 2008, I created my first project – MotoCMS – with the idea of helping anyone to create cool-looking, fully functional websites and go online easily with their business or personal projects. My idea to help people create proficient websites easily was pretty much in alignment with TemplateMonster. So, as MotoCMS and TemplateMonster ideas matched – we decided to start a partnership in 2009 and began selling a common solution. Today, our product line-up presents a full-fledged website builder with plenty of ready-made designs to accommodate any taste. The company’s products are popular among thousands of site owners and entrepreneurs with online businesses in 20 different categories.”

Professional in:

  • Strategy
  • Company Management
  • Sales
  • Business Development

Responsible for:

  • Business Strategy
  • Project & Team Management
  • Business Project and Startup Development
  • Corporate Culture & Team-Building
  • Web-development
  • Web-design and eCommerce

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