Roman Novikov


Tech people are nothing without an understanding of business goals.

Roman is full stack developer with 13+ years of experience and good friend of Algorithms and Technology. He is all into technical talks and about whiskey, which he likes too.

“I started programming at the age of 11. My parents bought me my first computer as a New Year gift instead of a violin. Before the age of 16 I had won several local and regional competitions in programming and started to undertake some web development projects. I created several local sites and found a job as HTML-coder at TemplateMonster. It took me 3 months to become a Web Developer there. Together we invented a lot of cool technical stuff back in 2002. After several management courses and an MBA from Open University I’ve graduated to various management positions in the company, such as  the  Chief of Software Development Department and  СТО”.

Professional in:

  • Hardware
  • Networks and Protocols
  • Web Servers and SQL/NoSQL serves
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • UI and UX
  • Management and Software Development methodologies

Responsible for:

  • Software Development
  • Remote and Local Tech.infrastructure
  • Internal Technology and Services

Meet Our Team

David Braun, CEO and co-founder at TemplateMonster

David Braun

CEO & co-founder TemplateMonster

David is well-known public activist and series IT-entrepreneur. In May 2002 together with his mates, he co-founded TemplateMonster company.

Demetrio Fortman, COO at TemplateMonster

Demetrio Fortman


Demetrio is a New-York based web developer and entrepreneur. Since 2008, he has founded several projects: MotoCMS, MotoPress and Defrozo.

James Berg


James is an Internet technologies geek. He is PRO in web development and internet marketing with more than 11 years of experience.

Dmytriy Semianysty, PR manager at TemplateMonster

Dmytriy Semianysty

PR manager

Philologist and teacher by profession Dmytriy is passionate about media & new technologies.

Scott Lawrence, CSO at TemplateMonster

Scott Lawrence


Scott is a long time original affiliate of TemplateMonster starting out in Austin, Texas since 2004 that’s over 12 years now.

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