General overview

Jetimpex, LP is a worldwide leader in E-Commerce - providing customers with valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online experiences through a diversity of products and services.

The main orientation of the company is Web Design, with an emphasis on affordable web design products and services.

Jetimpex and its subsidiaries currently employ more than 100 full time staff, augmented by more than forty free lance designers and programmers. Jetimpex and subsidiaries cover a unique and complete range of economical website development solutions.

The legal address for Jetimpex LP is: Blue Square House, 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR

The design quality assurance and control is being done by a well known artist Valentina Zvolinskaya, who is a member of TM team since 2006. Html coding standards are reviewed by a famous web standards advocate Steven Berkley.

Economical Professionalism

Our customers begin their website projects by selecting from the Internet's largest collection of quality website templates at

They may then complete their project through one of our website development services, which include economical, user-friendly, do-it-yourself solutions as well as template customization services performed by our partner project

Jetimpex's solutions employ advanced technologies that emphasize quality, flexibility and sophistication. Completed projects are usually indistinguishable from high-end custom website designs.

Industry-Leading E-Commerce Innovators

In addition to technology and product leadership, Jetimpex is recognized as an innovator in the conduct of Internet business. We created point-of-purchase programs and incentives that encourage our website visitors to act. The result is high visitor-to-sale conversion rates.

We pioneered creating and selling high quality Website Templates. Our library is currently the largest on the Internet, with over 20,000 template designs. We add, on average, 450-500 new designs monthly.

We led the industry in recognizing the potential, then creating demand, for low cost do-it-yourself web design solutions.

We followed that by offering successful web template customization services, again stimulating demand by leading the industry.

Jetimpex Web Design Solutions bring colossal benefits to partners and customers. Our economical, high-quality solutions encourage customers to return. Our partners are proud of our customer-pleasing products and services, which offer high earnings potential.

All Jetimpex projects are accomplished within highly advanced software environments and technology bases, resulting in high quality technical support for customers.

We are also able to offer customers and Affiliates financial information security.

Our Partners and Affiliates

Our Affiliate programs are attractive because they are convenient and profitable to the participants. As a consequence, we have more than 40,000 Affiliates on four continents.

Our Affiliate support is without equal. features monitored forums that encourage Affiliate feedback, strengthening bonds with Affiliate members through intelligent communication.

Taken together

Jetimpex blends technologies, talents, and proven marketing practices to create a potent mix of effective and highly popular Internet web design commerce solutions.

We take great pride in presenting this unique combination of products and services to the Internet community.