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Monstroid Version 2.9 (May 21, 2019):

  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Band Landing;
  • - - Psychological;
  • - - E-book;
  • - - Clean Business;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.8 (April 26, 2019):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Gadget Repair Services;
  • - - Sport;
  • - - Wedding;
  • - - Dental Sevice;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.7 (March 19, 2019):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Minimal Blog;
  • - - Photography;
  • - - Business;
  • - - Video;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.6 (February 28, 2019):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Creative Agency;
  • - - Pet Services;
  • - - Hotel;
  • - - Construction;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.5 (January 31, 2019):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Travel blog;
  • - - Web Design Studio;
  • - - Organic Fruits Delivery;
  • - - Fitness;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.4 (December 25, 2018):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Bank Services;
  • - - Communication Multipurpose;
  • - - Beauty Salon Multipurpose;
  • - - Family Doctor;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.3 (November 26, 2018):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Lawyer Company;
  • - - Art Gallery;
  • - - Minimal Multipurpose;
  • - - Yoga Studio;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.2 (October 30, 2018):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Wedding landing;
  • - - Creative Business;
  • - - Public Speaking;
  • - - Crypto landing;
  • - Updated plugins.
Monstroid Version 2.1 (September 14, 2018):
  • - Added 4 New Skins:
  • - - Coffee Shop;
  • - - Organic Food;
  • - - Cryptocurrency;
  • - - Solar Energy Company;
  • - Updated plugins;
  • - Added Jet Data Importer.
Monstroid Version 2.0.0 (June 27, 2018):
  • - Made full theme redesign;
  • - Added New Skins;
  • - Added Elementor Page Builder plugin;
  • - Added JetElements - Addon for Page Builder Elementor;
  • - Added JetMenu plugin;
  • - Added Monstroid Wizard;
  • - Added Cherry Team Members plugin;
  • - Added Cherry Services List plugin;
  • - Added Cherry Testimonials plugin.
Monstroid Version 1.1.3 (August 1, 2016):
  • - 5 new child themes, Arch, American Politician, Giglio, Play Games, Hang Gliding;
  • - Width of the sidebar in 1/3 and 1/4 ratios;
  • - Customization of text and background colors in Cherry Simple Slider;
  • - Option of AutoPlay in Swiper Carousel;
  • - Possibility to set the text content of "Next / Prev" pagination buttons in Portfolio;
  • - Possibility to set images in an ascending or descending order and filter them by categories (date, name, comments, modified);
  • - Integration of bbPress and All-in-One Event Calendar.

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I work with website development for companies and people, so I had to choose a complete, beautiful and dynamic theme to develop my company website and show customers the quality of themes offered by Template Monster. The cost and benefits are enormous because with a well-defined template choice it is possible to leave the site exactly as we need it without all the work of developing from scratch, and not to mention that it would be impossible to create themes as engrossing as the ones I find when I search in Template Monster website. I have already bought several themes and indicated to those who want to develop an excellent website and most importantly, there are several plugins that can be added later to further improve the quality of work. Many thanks to all who develop the themes.
Оформление заказа на templatemonster, оплата - все интуитивно понятно, прошло быстро, загрузка доступна сразу. Установка шаблона в целом заняла не менее 30 минут, были как мне кажется зависания при установке, но это скорее наш хостинг подкачал. Рекомендуемые плагины поставились минут за 10-12, загрузка демо данных заняла еще 10 минут. На выходе получили отличный адаптивный шаблон для сайта, благодарим за сервис.
Its a good theme, but the creator/author isnt flexible at all with changing or adding features that his customers would like to have. A lot of potential and current customers requested to eliminate author reviews and he is very rigid with not making that possible. How much more developing would it have taken to install a disable/enable option into the theme? Its as if he has drawn a box around what the theme is intended for and any ideas outside of what he thinks it should be used for are dismissed. Im sure sales would be much higher if the creator would listen to and satisfy those that want to buy this theme. Compared to other sellers that have thousands of sales, the main difference is, they listen to their customers and put them first.
По просьбе администратора решил и я оставить отзыв. Шаблон WordPress Theme Monstroid на мой взгляд уникальный продукт, потому что в нем есть все основные темы для решения любых вопросов по созданию любого сайта, можно сделть сайт визитку, форум, блог, интернет магазин и все это в одном шаблоне. Даплатив 1 доллар за лицензию можно купить право на установку 1 шаблона на 5 сайтов и их можносделать совершенно разными.
Szablon bardzo rozbudowany - to na plus. Niestety dokumentacja nie jest pełna. Dość ciężko znaleźć niektóre elementy - a pozniej je zastosowac. Staram sie wszystko porownac z szablonem przykładowym i niestety czasami jest nie jest łatwo. Dokumentacja zawiera tylko podstawowe ustawienia, a niestety cherry framework zawiera wiele smaczków, które później stają się dość uciążliwe, aby całość wyglądała tak, jak trzeba.
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How do I add a Houzz icon to the social menu? It doesn't generate the icon... Thanks!!
Thank you for your comment! Could you please contact us in our ticket support system at and specify your site URL and FTP access details. Our senior technicians work 24/7 and will gladly check the issue for you. Thank you. Andrea Gonzales
Do you include all the dummy data and images just like in the live demo? I'm interested in buying it.
Thank you for your comment. Yes, sure , you will get the same template like in Demo. In any case please visit our Pre-Sales chat or give us a call at 347 342 0463 and we will provide you with assistance.
I liked this theme but before purchase I have one question. I liked a mobile menu from (4. Mobile menu, CSS only) can we able to add such type of mobile menu to this theme?
Thank you for your comment. After purchasing you would be able to add such type of mobile menu to this theme
I've got a problem: multiple mixed content errors happened by hardcoded external image links i was able to fix the most of them by replacing the stock images with a placeholder except this one: mixed content error with - which is i guess the search button, which is not adjustable (i just can en- or disable it)
Thank you for your comment. Your request has been forwarded to the tech support department, one of our specialists will contact you via email
I am very satisfied. I already bought several templates and as I work with it, I will always be a satisfied customer. What makes me happier is knowing that support is always available and always solves the problems I have in the settings. I always indicate.
Thank you for your comment. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to start a chat on our website, and we will be happy to help you.
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