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Ibrahim Bardakci

Greate template, everything work fine. Good support, thanks :)

Steve G.

Very easy site to put together, great sliding functions throughout the site and performs well on smart devices. Will work a treat for my client's new restaurant. Integrated bookatable into an iframe and works very well

David N.

We think the design is good as it gets, it fulfilled all the requirements of my clients needs. I’m sure that all the visitors of this new website will like this nice and modern responsive design. During the implementation of this template we didn’t have any difficulties – all the files and graphic elements were in the zip file, which we could download from our user account on templatemonster. I’m sure if we need any help, the customer service of templatemonster will help us. I have very good experiences with people from templatemonster. I had contacted them several times in the past, and they always helped to solve our questions. This is one of the reasons why we buy designs from them. Of course the other main reason is that they provide high quality templates :)

Mikhail S.

I love how this template looks and it really fits all out needs.

Shawn C.

As a Professional Website Designer we needed a theme that would allow for a quick build with enough flexibility to make the site look custom.

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