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We are a digital media company who love a good wordpress! This is an easy to use theme, had a couple of issues with certain fixed areas and images but managed to get the sorted. The header is to long in size also so manu buttons are hidden. But still a great theme none the less. very happy.
Would love to have the option to make the slides picture featured image to load on the home big header, had to improvise with the slides callback function.
Thanks a lot for your feedback! Feel free to leave your suggestions on this page - . Your thoughts are very important to us.
Fantastic! Thanks a lot.
everything is quite good. I just would have a fuction to change the header image for each page.
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I have a small problem with this theme. The import function from cherry framework did not work properly, so I had do do the manual installation of the sample data. Now everything seems to work, only I do not see the widgets in the backend of my homepage. They are displayed correctly and the sample data is inside, but I cannot access the widgets to make changes.
Beautiful theme! Just a question: how can i change the header "umbrella" image with a custom one? Thanks for answering...
You can change "umbrella" image in the following file:<br />/theme45884/images/bg-header.jpg<br />Basically you should replace original image with modified one. Be sure to keep original file name and extension.
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