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This is a great theme, but only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 due to how confusing it is at first. Make sure you not only upload the Theme file, but also the Cherry Framework and Sample page file. If you dont, youll never be able to get the layout of the demo. Had to call support in order to figure it out. All in all its a great theme, but not for the beginner WordPress user.
Thank you for your feedback! If you have any difficulties in customization of the template you can find the necessary tutorials here
This is what i needed. Great template for wordpress, thank you templatemonster
Cherry Framework, wow, what a learning curve this has been and a challenge to learn all this new wp technology. I have been customizing wp themes for many clients for many years, but this new template I purchased definately towers above all the rest as far as all the functions of the cherry framework. In the future I would certainly recommend this type of wordpress design over any other to my clients and anyone else that wants to experience the superb editing features that come with a cherry framework design
Were glad youre satisfied with your template. Thanks!
Im a fan of the cherry framework already. This theme is excellent. Very well done and easy to adjust every aspect of it. Itll definitely work for what we need. Would recommend.
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hi can i remove the silhouette of the two girls on the front page 1. how can i remove them?
On the Dance Studio Responsive WordPress Theme #45888 you simply go to your website, and click right click on each image and click save image as, but you don't have to actually save it, you will notice it wants to save the file by whatever it is named and you will see the one on the right is named content_icon1 and the one on the left is named content_icon2. If you are logged into your admin area while viewing your website, simply click on the edit post link which is going to edit the home page of the website. now scroll down and you will see where it references the images you can simply remove them from the code in the page, or you can replace them with your own image. if you want to replace them with your own images then find those 2 images in the images folder of the theme and create new ones and name them exactly the same and upload them and overwrite the existing ones. this is what code you will find on the index or home page that you need to edit if you simply want to remove the image altogether delete this line of code for the image on the left - [icon icon_type="Images" icon="content_icon1" align="left"] and delete this code for the image on the right - [icon icon_type="Images" icon="content_icon2" align="left"] I hope this helps to answer your question
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