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Marcin Szumanski

Very nice theme. Very nice style. Easy editing and making changes.

Kimberly Reynolds

Great template! Very easy to setup and load sample data. Takes a little time to work through the CSS if you are trying to change multiple colors of the site but also has a nice dashboard that does most of it for you. Very easy to add the logo and manage the front page slider. I am a developer that does multiple sites for clients and love working with the Cherry Framework. Only suggestion I would have is to give a few more color options in the dashboard so I don't have to get into CSS.


Thank you for your feedback. We have a lot of templates with multiple color schemes. Please next time contact our presales managers and they will help you find them.

Hugo R.

I got a deal with this template, just 39 usd, please keep develop greats teamplate like this

Shaun W.

The template we purchased, while very sleek and easy to customize for the most part, has been incredibly difficult in some aspects, such as changing background colors -- which requires changing out coding in a lot of areas and several style sheets conflict, overriding each other. Other than that the template has been exactly as advertised and great. Customer service has been phenomenal and very helpful. I could have asked for a better response. Overall, I'd recommend TemplateMonster for anyone asking whether they should make a purchase through them -- Especially after dealing with some other groups who caused nothing but headache. Thanks for everything!


Thank you for your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with the purchased template. <br/>If you have any difficulties in customization of the template, find the necessary tutorials here http://info.template-help.com/help/quick-start-guide/wordpress-themes/master/index_en.html#introduction

Kevin O.

This template delivers exactly what it offers. I strongly recommend the author 'Glenn'

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