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Responsywny motyw WordPress #58090 na temat: biznes i usługi - zrzut ekranu

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Michael Palumbo

The template is okay. There was a deal going on for this template a week ago, it expired, and they didn't give it to me even though they already made $25,725 on just that template alone.


We have a very flexible system of discounts. There are a lot of promos we run on our site. Please follow our blog, Facebook and newsletters and you’ll be always informed about the latest updates.

Cherelle Diederik

This template is fantastic! Ir is very easy to install with the instructions given. It was my first time to set up a template in wordpress and I needed help with updating the sample template. The customer service chat helped me through all the steps very patiently and the overall customer service was really fast. They are all very helpfull. The template itself is easy to edit and customize with the page builder. I would recommend it to any business. Very representative and professional outlook, thanks!

Martin Bester

We purchased this template for the clean look and the different display options on the home page. We are developing this site for a client. We have quite a bit of experience with websites but when trying to install this one using the cherry wizard, we ran into issues as the import got stuck. There was no need to contact support as we just did a manual import. I would recommend adding a few more features for the blog items to maybe allow category posts to be more customisable, i.e. navigating through full posts, 1 post per page from the same category. I installed a few other plugins and everything worked well.

Roberto Velazquez

The topic seems very interactive and configurable; Offers many possibilities of configuration and the usability and user experience can be positive; I totally recommend it. Its technical support responds to all doubts. Being a responsive theme it is adaptable to any size of screen without losing the essence.

Vlastimi Tosenovsky

Perfect and service from TM is proffesional. Thank You. Nice to the the business with TM

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  • Adobe Photoshop CS+

    Adobe Photoshop CS+

  • Do dekompresji archiwum ZIP szablonu: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

    Do dekompresji archiwum ZIP szablonu: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)

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    Apache Serwer

  • MySQL 5.0+

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    The mod_rewrite Apache module

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    PHP 5.3+

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