Seed/Pre-seed Pitch Deck for Startups

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Many startups and great ideas fail to survive due to lack of funding, one of the reasons is founders fail to explain their idea in simple words, less time and backing it with genuine numbers.

On the other hand, custom pitch decks services are expensive for a bootstrap startup.

We believe small efforts bring big changes. After studying and working with people who successfully secured the funding this is our small effort to help ideas secure pre-seed funding.

Remember the goal of your first deck is to secure the next meeting with the investor and not the funding itself.

This template is fit for people who are solving problems in the domain of digital security, online privacy, data theft, data protection, cybersecurity, social media, digital interaction platforms, chat apps, discussion forums, broader domain( Fintech, IT, Software).

This deck follows the content structure suggested by Y-combinator for a seed round of funding with minor additions.

Slide-1 Overview.

Slide-2 Terms and conditions.

Slide-3 Instruction to use the template.

Slide-4 Problem.

Slide-5 Solution.

Slide-6 Market Validation.

Slide-7 Potential Market.

Slide-8 Potential Market (Design Option).

Slide-9 Product Demo.

Slide-10 Business Model.

Slide-11 Why Now.

Slide-12 Predicted Reach.

Slide-13 Competition.

Slide-14 Competetive Advantages.

Slide-15 Premium Features.

Slide-16 Funding Required.

Slide-17 Funding Required( Color scheme variation).

Slide-18 Testimonials.

Slide-19 Testimonials (Design Option).

Slide-20 Team.

Slide-21 Contact Details.

Slide-22 Color Schemes and Font Information.

Slide-23&24 Editable Icons.

Free fonts used.

We charge a minimal amount so that we can develop more templates for different types of startups.

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