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We’re sure you all know that Joomla! CMS is a great platform for successful content management. It provides a wide range of functional customization capabilities and has a very flexible templates system. With Joomla! CMS templates you will be able to run any kind of design structure and then build your website’s content elements into different number of columns and slots. Joomla! gives you the chance to do virtually anything you might possibly need for your website without any limitations.
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Joomla! CMS is one of the Top 5 most popular CMS platforms ever, because of its convenience and ease of use. For millions of users it has became the one and only CMS platform to provide all the functionality needed. And, its popularity grows more and more every year!


Components are basically Joomla! subsystems that are integrated for additional functionality. For example, Joomla! has one component that is in some aspects even better than the phpBB platform. You can also add a shopping component, gallery component, blog etc.

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Functionality is important but your website must have a design that lets your visitors enjoy their stay at your site and lets you enjoy working with your site’s content. That’s where Template Monster’s templates make a big impression – on you and your visitors – just look for the perfect design for your website!


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