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  • Widest possible selection - more than 18,500 templates.
  • Instant access - every single product available for immediate download.
  • Reliable support - 24/7 phone, ticket system & pre-sales/support chat.
  • Vast knowledge base - Online Help Center and free video tutorials.
  • Competent production - co-work with expert artists, designers, coders.

With every theme, you also get around 7-10 stock photos available for free lifetime usage*

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I'm grateful for TemplateMonster. They make a
web developer's job much easier by offering what are
perhaps the best templates online at a great price. Tem-
plateMonster templates are easy to download, easy to
understand, and always great to work with. They are
also great for those trying to learn new development
languages, even if it's basic HTML, to more advanced
Flash or Silverlight.

- Carlos A Peralta

I've been able to create an entire
web site for my company and I've been
able to make it on my own really! I don't
have any experience or background in
design or web design - anything like that.
But through their templates I've been
able to create a web site for my custom-
ers to learn more about me and about
my company and services that we pro-
vide. TemplateMonster.com is a great
company to work with and I recommend

- Dfgdg

I've used TemplateMonster for years now
and they are the BEST that I've found on the
market! From WordPress to Joomla, Drupal, jQuery
templates as well as the CSS Flash, I've used them
all and continue coming back for more. If I get
chosen for discount, I'm going to try their Zen or
OsCommerce templates. I do all the customization
of templates myself, but it saves me an ENORMOUS
amount of time, especially with the graphic/images
that come with their templates which are so profes-
sionally provided. With server administration,
setting up databases, etc, I don't have the time to
sit and design layout or create loads of graphics, so
TemplateMonster does that for me and BETTER
than I could ever do it, lol. I've purchased over 50
templates through the years and NEVER have of
these disappointed me. BEST OF ALL, if you have
any problems, their Customer Support is right there
to help. Many thanks, TemplateMonster!

- Lisa Murphy

Monster gives fine
templates with
some script fea-
tures and latest
coding technology.
The designers are the
most attractive.

- Srinath Mstiv

I'm a freelance
designer and I've been
making web sites for many
years and I've used many
web site templates but there
is no web site on the web like
TemplateMonster! Template-
Monster absolutely rocks! It's
the best template web site
out there! It's clean, easy,
efficient, simple to use and it
offers lots of options that
nobody else does. i love the
fact that they keep on
uploading new templates
every day and keep on
making new themes like the
Facebook templates, Moto
CMS and other things.

- Asad lftikhar Shafi

I actually like receiving the email newsletters from TemplatesMonster as they give
me helpful tips, freebies and alerts on changes. I can save hours of work by using a pre-
designed template and that can save my clients lots of $$

- Debbie Nielsen

TemplateMonster is my first stop for inspiration whenever I build a new
website template. When pressed for time or when I deal with clients who find it
difficult to make up their minds, I save time and effort by simply letting them
choose a design on their own.

- Alex Alvarez

TemplateMonster has great templates.
Think I am hooked thought! I keep seeing another
one I like and end up buying it. They have great
discounts too - I am constantly on the lookout for
them and have got some brilliant deals!

- Tommy Flynn

Template Monster not only has great
templates that are easily customizable, the blog is
amazing with all sorts of cool stuff in it every time it
comes. Yours is one of the few newsletters I look
forward to opening

- Cat Ward

I was seriously Impressed by the packages
offered with every purchase...not only you will get a
great template...but the bonuses you get are far
more impressive than any similar templates pro-
vider I've seen on the net, and trust me I've seen

- Susan Hesse Weber

I use TemplateMon-
ster for many of my clients.
They have high quality
templates at extremely
reasonable prices. They are
easy to integrate and make
changes if needed.

- Susan Hesse Weber

As a photographer, I didn't have any experience with websites and I needed
one visually impacting and, at the same time, easy to use. I am so glad I chose Tem-
plateMonster. Installing and configuring the websites was so easy I just couldn't
believe: every single step to get my website up and running was clearly described in
the documentation provided. It was like following a recipe. At the end I got my web-
site just the way I wanted it and spent like 5 minutes to get it. Remember I didn't have
ANU experience doing that. Great visuals, great documentation, great staff communi-
cation, great prices. I really recommend TemplateMonster! They rock!

- Alex Kushmenkovsky

I have lost count of how
many templates I have bought from
you guys. And every one was amazing
and simple to customize seving me
time and money. Every transaction
has been straight forward and I have
had my template in seconds, great
service every time!

- Adam Booth

The complete purchasing process was very easy (incl.
the phone contact for confirmation) and the payment was
okay per PayPal. The quality of your templates is very profes-
sional. i really like your service (as well this call back). The
most advantage for me is your large template-portfolio
which gives me a lot of good ideas and I know that the qual-
ity is always high.

- Roger Behn

I am a Small Business Developer and I'm not even sure I'd be
where I am now without TemplateMonster. I could never design to this
level and have not seen anybody else on the web who can. The templates
are easy enough to work with (even for a guy like me - I am no expert) and
the ability to drill down a search to find that right look (search by type,
industry, color/color combo) is just second to none. But of course every-
body already knew that!

- Garfield McCormick

I have known TemplateMonster for a few years already. I
am not scared to say that this is the best template website that I
could ever find. I have been recommending it to my clients. With
only a few minor modifications we have managed to turn the tem-
plate into a custom made website, specific for the client's business.
Thank you, TemplateMonster.

- Lidwig Makhyan

Our company uses TemplateMonster to quickly deploy new websites.
With the consistent coding structure I have been able to decrease my coding
time from days to hours. Thank you TemplateMonster for providing solid and
creative templates that developers can leverage from any level.

- Carlos Franco

Every template I have used from TemplateMonster has
been of the highest quality and more importantly has been at a
great price.

- Graham Morecroft

By far, and bar none, I have not seen another Template
Services that tries not only to exceed their levels of professional
templates and designs, but also gives you the professional serv-
ice, and support needed to run such an outstanding operation.
If you want to build it (TemplateMonster hast it). Of you want
them to build it (TemplateMonster hast it).If you want them to
design it (TemplateMonster hast it). You need help learning it on
the design (TemplateMonster hast it). You want cost effective
service, design and support (TemplateMonster hast it). That's it, I
have used TemplateMonster since series well let's not date our
selves, but it's in the single digits LOL. If it were not for Template-
Monster, I would not have had the success rate I have today
and am and always will recommend TemplateMonster for Cost,
Time, and Professional Looks.

- Dennis Davis

Template Monster not only has great quality templates,
they cover virtually every format from HTML to Joomla, and
now the Facebook pages! And then to top it off, they give away
Photoshop tools, design advice, and free templates! What a
great company! Thanks TemplateMonster!

- Michelle Mauricio

TemplateMonster is a great resource for my clients that may have a smaller budget for web design. Letting them choose a Template Monster template, which I can then customize for them, allows me to drastically cut the overall cost from a custom "built-from-scratch" website. And there is always a great selection of well designed sites.

- Cindy Pruitt

It's really fantastic to have a
services that is available at your
fingertips while you are working on
the web site. The messenger were
really fantastic! You can be in touch
with people straightaway and get
instant replies straightaway, as well.

- Chris Mutch

As a photographer, I didn't have any experience with websites and I needed one visually impacting and, at the same time, easy to use. I am so glad I chose TemplateMonster. Installing and configuring the website was so easy I just couldn't believe: every single step to get my website up and running was clearly described in the documentation provided. It was like following a recipe. At the end I got my website just the way I wanted it and spent like 5 minutes to get it. Remember I didn't have ANY experience doing that. Great visuals, great documentation, great staff communication, great prices. I really recommend TemplateMonster! They rock!

- Alex Kusmenovsky

I have been using TM for well
over 2 years, with over 60 templates
under by design firms belt purchased.
Without their intuitive designs that
change on a variety of platforms...
CSS, HTML, CMS, etc...my company
would not have a chance to succeed
the way it has.

- Jae Bradburd

Template Monster provides the highest offer of templates on the
internet. By covering all categories everyone can find just what they want.
Your slogan should be: Try to choose only one template.

- Kelemen lt
*Free lifetime implies that stock photos must only be used within the template you have bought.