Web Design Library Announces Best Contributors to Web Design Industry 2004

Aspirations being free as clouds, WDL declares itself a proper and necessary judge on the Web Design scene.

Brooklyn, N.Y., December 23, 2004. Web Design Library – a division of Template Monster, a top global provider of website design templates, announced the best contributors to the web design industry for the year 2004. With this award, Web Design Library means to promote high standards in the web design industry by illuminating those whose contribution is of true and significant import.

This year WDL opened its award program with four categories only: Web Design Software, Web Design Software Vendor, Web Design Community, Book on Web Design.

Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 was recognized as Design Software of the year. The product enables designers and developers to create fascinating and eye-catching web sites and applications that deliver measurable return on investment. Though there are other similar products, none of them has become a real competitor with Flash as the Macromedia team constantly works hard on improving it.

Macromedia also gained the title of the Best Web Design Software Vendor for their constant improvements and upgrades of Flash technology, which remains the best means of creating rich interactive web content. Macromedia’s contributions to the Web Design industry is not limited to Flash, as the vendor is the only one who represents a wide range of products related to the industry including Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Fireworks, Macromedia FreeHand, Macromedia ColdFusion, Macromedia Web Publishing System, etc.

“Web Design Business Kit” by Brendon Sinclair was recognized as the best book of the industry which has appeared this year. Based not on the technical and design skills, but on the personal approach to the client, the book introduces the provocative philosophy of selling Web Design services.

It was not an easy task for WDL team to define a Web Design Community, as it means to recognize the strongest indirect competitor of itself. But SitePoint.com which was awarded with this title has had a real impact on the web design industry and serves a good example of what the community of web design should be.

As the web design industry is one of those with a high speed of development, and the situation changes very often, the WDL team reserves the right to expand or shorten the list of contributors next year to be always on the leading edge. The WDL team thanks all the winners and hopes that their future contributions will be of increasingly great import with each passing year.

For a detailed review on each nominee, please check our awards page.

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