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Plugin "City selection and geo-targeting" for cms PrestaShop.

With the help of our module, your online shop will be able to automatically determine the geolocation of the customer, while the "City selection and geo-targeting" plugin also has the ability to define the city based on the coordinates in the browser.

In addition, the opportunities of the plugin includes the appearance of a list of stores, a phone number and other additional information depending on the selected city, the addition of a list of cities and the automatic appearance of cities that are not in the database. Also, the user has the ability to search for the desired place in the list of places.

And also "City selection and geo-targeting" works quickly in the background without overloading the main resources of your online shop.

Why pay attention to "City selection and geo-targeting" for cms PrestaShop

First of all, it is worth purchasing the "City selection and geo-targeting" module, because it will easily fit into the design of your online shop and will not hinder the work of the main resource.

Secondly, it is quick to install, comes with complete instructions, and has quick technical support.


[2.0.2] - 2022-01-13


  • Bug fix

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