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Module "Pre-order of products" for online stores on cms PrestaShop.

The "Pre-order of products" plugin will allow your customers to pre-order a product that is currently out of stock for some reason. It can be either a novelty (pre-sale of a product) or an already sold product (pre-order of a favorite product).

At the same time, this module will allow making a preliminary purchase of the product not only for authorized users, but also for guests of the store. Your customers will definitely appreciate it.

Functionality of the module "Pre-order of products"

Our plugin has the following functionality: the appearance of the "Pre-order" button in the cards of goods that are not in the store; a ready-made form for collecting contacts by pre-order; the ability to generate a whole page with products available for pre-order, and add descriptions and products; the appearance of a new menu item "Pre-order" in the admin panel and the appearance there of all notifications from buyers.

You can also see in the administrative panel detailed information on each application and select one or several categories of products participating in this program. Also, your managers can always add a new pre-order to the control panel, which they received earlier by phone. It is very convenient for both clients and you.

Features of the plugin "Pre-order of products" for cms PrestaShop

This extension will help your customers to make a purchase even those products that are not currently in stock, but they will soon appear. In addition, it will expand the functionality of your store and increase the percentage of conversion to an order. Our module is simple and convenient, it is quick and easy to install, updated frequently and has complete documentation.


[1.1.6] - 2022-01-13


  • Bug fix

[1.1.5] - 2021-12-09


  • Bug fix

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Модуль очень удобный и полезный! Разработчикам респект! Отзывчивые , помогают во всем разобраться
like other modules this module is also intuitive , and simple to use by both the admin and the customer the good news is that the developer told me that they will make the module compatible with their mobile app very soon. which prove again that those people are going for perfection as always the developer support it TOP i have bought 3 modules from this developer in one order and i can guarantee the build and support quality

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