QStore is a clean Furniture PrestaShop Theme designed in green color that makes your eyes relaxed. Since the template is intended for creating an e-Commerce website, the main emphasis is put on the items you sell. For better navigation, categories menu and list of manufacturers have been moved to the left. Homepage includes every element you will need to deliver your business message to the target audience and engage more shoppers. These include Carousel slider, several catchy banners under it, a block with featured products, social media integration, and contact details. If you choose this theme, there will be no need in developing a mobile version of your site since the template has been made fully responsive.

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This Home & Family News PrestaShop design template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive designs adapt to more compact along with bigger display dimensions mechanically.

Why is it Good?

Responsive website design allows you to improve buyer experience and deliver a entire access to the website page data from any device.

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This is Design PrestaShop theme with On-line chat functionality

What is it?

Organizations that offer their goods by means of tech support get it done in several diverse ways, nonetheless online chat is just about the rarest. This would mean that you could get an answer to your problem truly easily and also have a chat with someone who will help you deal with almost any problems.

Why is it Good?

Whilst adding online chat inside your internet site, you increase the possibilities that you is going to be qualified to create a much better correlation with your buyers, as a consequence offering a superior UX on your own internet site.

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This is Design PrestaShop ecommerce theme with Sample Data Installer

What is it?

By using sample data installer, it is possible to install a web template using sample data, thus acquire a webpage that seems exact same to the live demo.

Why is it Good?

As you discover a ready-made layout that suits your brand style together with private requirements completely, with the sample data installer you will get the chosen layout included to your webpage right away.

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This Home & Family Services PrestaShop ecommerce theme is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search engine friendly digital products are optimized as per the present day SEO specifications. This grows the possibility they'll be acknowledged on the web, consequently growing your site's rating positions in internet search engine.

Why is it Good?

Search Engine Optimized web templates help to raise your web site rating in google search overall results.

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Wonderfull theme, really easy to use and it have alot of variation for colors and modules. i also like the image switch on mouseover and the responsive look of it. i am fully satisfied with this theme and its modules . i am still using this theme and i hope they will upgrade it to the lastest new prestashop version as iam sure i will use use the template 53694 theme again. you should get it iam sure you will be satisfied and happy.
No tiene nada de original. Muy básico a la vez que práctico. Debes subir el contenido de forma manual incluido el sql para que quede como el original.
We are a web agency, we work in customizing themes of template monsters, always seek the best theme to start the idea that our client is to achieve, then adapt and customize the theme to stay with the face of our clients company. The choice of theme we try to find niche market of aspects of our client along with it try to see attractive points of their own theme structure which are beautiful and well today because the issues evolve over time and it is always important to stay up to date the visual part. Wonderful theme, is an e-commerce merges with institutional site, was perfect for our customer, he managed to exhibit and sell their products and even present your very consistently brand. The site is not yet in the air and not yet finalized for lack complete some textual parts that our customer is developing, so I will not be able to give a preview to you, but I assure you it was a very good job. My client sells industrial products, the site for more detail that is well fit very well for him, as he has recently renovated all its visual identity, this new site completed every process of transition of its brand. The theme itself was easy to install and customize, we can implement it all alone without the support of template monsters, but of course, whenever they need are 10 in service and problem solving. Finally, buy many topics every month and the template monsters makes me more and more satisfied with their job, my congratulations.
I recently bought this template 53694, I bought it for a client that sells garden furniture. I have a lot of factors when I choose a template the first thing I look is for the template to be clean and simple. It’s very important for the persons that visit the shop to have a clean image so they can buy the items form the shop fast. The second reason I choose this temaplte is for the way that the items are presented. I want to be clear if you go and visit one item you will see a large image of the item on the right and at the left the smaller samples that you can choose. This is very important because when you sell furniture you want the people to have big image to look so when they enter at the item they get impressed. The third and important reason I choose the template is for the beauty. This template is very beautiful it was the first time that I heard my client making the sound oh I like it a lot. So it was first look first bought. I what to talk about me a little. I am a web designer and I make websites for living. I don’t know any think about coding, html, css. But thanks to template monster I can provide for my family. I can tell you a lot for choosing a template from template monster the really work very good but the most important reason to trust template monster is the support the provide. It is more than support it works 24 h to 24 and they solve all of your problems. All of you should really try to feel the experience of the support they have. So anyone can make templates but little support them in the right way so I choose template monster. This was the important reason that I choosed this and not only this all the templates I get. Template monster create it …. you should get it. Thanks a lot from Greece, keep on the good work Spyros Romanos

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