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Lux Hotel - Hotel Multipage Free PSD Template
If you look closely at famous hotels' websites, you can see standard features and techniques in them. And we mean not only similar menu items, hotel logos, or the widespread availability of a booking form. In the style and manner of presenting information, the use of effects, graphics, etc. We can identify some trends in this area. If your task is to create a layout for a hotel website, it will be useful to get the hotel free PSD template that combines all the modern trends in the online hotel industry - Lux Hotel.Features that distinguish Lux Hotel Free PSD Template from others
  • Elegant design, highlighted by large beautiful photos and matching fonts.
  • Here, the emphasis is definitely on the visual component - pictures, photos, videos, and everything in the same vein.
  • The design has a specific blocky "square" format. Due to this, visitors can perceiv—É information as quickly as possible.
  • Almost every page has its design, be it the apartments' section or "About us."
Quite a few hotel sites are kept simple, with an emphasis on content rather than creativity. It is difficult to
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Last updated: 02.10.20