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KarDone - Multipurpose Designs Shopify Theme
Shopify Multipurpose Designs ThemeKarDone is a ready-made solution for diverse types of online stores: car parts, fashion, building materials, accessories, food, stationery, sports, medicine stores, single products store, drones, travel, pets, coffee stores online, barbershop, etc. This Shopify multipurpose design theme offers unlimited opportunities for promoting your goods and providing an impeccable user experience.Customizable Homepage with sections are ready to go live out of the box, it will save you time and money on coding and design. Create a menu of your choice and spice it up with multiple elements, to simplify the on-site navigation, highlight special offers and hot deals. Thanks to responsive design, multi-currency and multilingual support you will be able to expand your target audience and make shopping in your store convenient for each and every one. Users will be able to search for products from all around the globe. Grab Kardone Shopify multipurpose designs theme, install, add your content, and prepare to stand out in the eCommerce industry!Kardone Medicine comes with GrowaveGrowave – is the all-in-one marketing platform that empowers your Shopify store with product reviews,
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Last updated: 09.09.21
Kardone Craft Beer, Brewery Shopify Theme
Kardone Craft Beer, Brewery Shopify ThemeAny business needs representation on the Internet and the business of brewing is no exception. The revealed trends in the development of this market make the craft beer business promising and attractive for investment. Therefore, if you want to develop your business related to the production and sale of beer, you should definitely start by creating your own site. Of course, the production and sale of beer have its own characteristics, which must be taken into account.Show the range of equipment, tell us about the advantages and why you need to choose from your competitors. The brewery Shopify theme has a cool design, all the colors in it correspond to the theme about beer. This is an interesting option, you can choose it, install a ready-made demo site, edit to your business and your site is ready!More and more people today are putting increased demands on beer drinks. They are no longer satisfied with the mass production of large breweries, they want to get a fuller pleasure from drinking aromatic, tasty, and live beer. This
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Last updated: 15.07.21
Kardone Music Store Shopify Theme
Kardone Music Store Shopify Theme Zemez ProductionEntrepreneurs have long understood that the sale of musical instruments brings great profit. Music has always touched the strings of our soul, almost every person at least once in his life wanted to master the ability to play at least the guitar. Selling tools is profitable even because they are easy to buy. And then reselling several times more expensive is the basis of the business that you need to use. But how to open an online music instrument store that will constantly make a profit?If you want to open your store in the shortest possible time, you should pay attention to the music store Shopify theme. With the music store Shopify theme, you can quickly and simply create your own unique Internet project, it can be a blog or music group, an online store of music equipment, or a music archive.This template is very popular, it easily adapts to any task, whether you understand the basics of programming or not. Once you purchase the finished design, you will get the necessary source files
Last updated: 12.08.21
Kardone Shopify Beauty Theme
Kardone Shopify Beauty ThemeEach Internet resource has its own individual design, which is achieved by the correct selection of material and template. Sites of female themes, which combine lightness and beauty, tips, and fashion recommendations, are very suitable for specially designed thematic templates that complement the main background of the resource. We present to you an updated Shopify beauty theme. Thanks to the bright thematic content of the template, your site will look profitable and will bring its owner not only aesthetic pleasure but also significant profit.You can easily adapt the template to any theme you choose: cosmetics, accessories, spa, beauty salon, massage, and even yoga!All owners of such a business should download this adaptive and modern template, and create a site that will attract the user to the world of the beautiful.Promoting your services is more convenient through the Internet, and the theme of beauty will definitely help you in this. In the template there are sliders and galleries where you can place beautiful photos, present your services. Beauty will save the world, and the template for the site
Last updated: 23.06.21
Kardone Auto Parts Store Template Shopify Theme
This Shopify auto parts store template has a stunningly clean, modern, and responsive design making your future online store look cool and confident. There are various built-in page layout options.Effortless Customization with Auto Parts Store TemplateThe theme provides all the necessary e-commerce arsenal. The theme also has adaptive functions that ensure the correct display of the site on any devices and ensures the rapid operation of the user interface.Demonstrate Your Products with Auto Parts Store TemplateThere are also different options for headers and footers. In addition, you can add the contact information, addresses, and a list of supported payment systems.
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Last updated: 04.05.21
KarDone Medicine Online Store Template Shopify Theme
Medicine Online Store Template DesignKarDone Medicine Online Store Template is a responsive Shopify theme with a unique modern design that can be suitable for online stores to sell medical equipment, home health care items. It includes ready-made built-in page layouts options. It can be helpful on the way to create an online store business specialized in selling the first-aid medical items.Powerful KarDone Theme FunctionalityThis Shopify theme is equipped with all the necessary features for effective online store functionality. It includes product quick view option, wishlist, language switcher, live search, product carousels, and newsletter pop-up, etc.Responsive Medicine Store Theme DesignThe template has a fully responsive and retina ready design that makes a web page`s of your online store flexible for any type of screen resolution, from small to large-screen devices.You can also view the latest Responsive Shopify designs here.
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Last updated: 28.01.21
KarDone Travel Bags Store Shopify Theme
Travel Bags Store Shopify ThemeKarDone travel bags store Shopify theme is the most responsive solution with retina ready design. Beautiful, stylish, minimalist, and clean, it boasts not only the impressive design but comes with a load of features that will help to increase your online business potential.It comes with a full-width colorful slider and multiple image-background banners that are aimed to display the best offers, products, and other content in the most catchy and interactive way.KarDone Luggage Store Theme Functionality BenefitsThis Shopify theme is equipped with all the necessary features for effective online store functionality. It includes product quick view option, wishlist, language switcher, live search, product carousels, and newsletter pop-up, etc.Bags Store Theme features Responsive and Bootstrap DesignThe template has a fully responsive and retina ready design that makes a web page`s of your online store flexible for any type of screen resolution, from small to large-screen devices.Bootstrap is a free grid-based framework that allows the creation of responsive websites.A bootstrap is an effective tool and that's the simple reason it is very well-liked. Using this framework, it is
Last updated: 13.07.20
Kardone Shopify Watch Store Theme
Kardone Shopify Watch Store ThemeThe watch today is not only practical but also a fashion accessory. Opening a watch store is a profitable business plan in terms of prospects for start-up entrepreneurs. These products are popular in any country, regardless of the level of technological development.Consumers are always happy with shopping online, making online stores one of the hottest markets today. Opening a watch store does not require large investments. Just find the right suppliers and make sure that your site is super convenient and attracts customers. It is for such purposes that we propose to pay attention to the Shopify watch store theme.A fully finished site - an online watch store is a theme with adaptive design. It's great on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, phones), desktop computers, and laptops. The difference between the universal theme is that it can always be easily converted to a site for the sale of any gadgets and complex technical products, where technical characteristics are important. The functionality of the site allows you to use it as:- online store for watch store;- store for
Last updated: 13.04.21
KarDone - Coffee Store Shopify Theme
Coffee Store Shopify ThemeCoffee culture is an integral part of daily life. This drink helps to cheer up. It`s also perfect for meetings with dear people or business partners. So, if you sell coffee and tea or own a cafe, start promoting it on the Web. It`s an easy way of telling about new products and discounts to attract new visitors to your website. To create an online shop, pick out a ready-to-use template, like KarDone. It`s a coffee store Shopify theme crafted in unique responsive design. You won`t find it anywhere else. Let`s observe it in brief!The Universal Shopify Theme for Your Coffee StoreYou will like KarDone! First of all, it`s very handy, quick to install, and provided with detailed instructions. As well, feel free to contact our support experts at any time you have questions.Secondly, this coffee store theme allows you to create a minimalistic landing page for any purpose. The combination of the eye-pleasing green and while colors won`t let your visitors be indifferent. It`s suitable for selling diverse products. For example, with KarDone, you can distribute
Last updated: 23.10.20
Kardone Barbershop eCommerce Template Shopify Theme
Kardone Barbershop eCommerce Template Shopify ThemeFor everyone whose business is associated with the services of a hairdresser, stylist, the best way to declare yourself is to use a barbershop eCommerce template. A modern theme will help you create your site easily and effortlessly. This theme is also suitable for spa, massage ,parlor and other beauty services.The easiest question that the site will help solve for your customers is the opportunity to find your salon, sign up for the service. The site is a mandatory requirement for any modern business, it is the creation and maintenance of your image. You can expand your customer base, inform visitors about your services, promotions and news using the barbershop eCommerce template.A creative theme for a beauty salon or barbershop will give you the opportunity to present your salon to customers: who you are and what you do, who your services are suitable for, who your masters are. This and other information is structured and understandable. The modern site is easy to promote, which will help you develop your business and increase revenue.What you need
Last updated: 11.01.21
Kardone Electronics Store Shopify Theme
Kardone Electronics Store Shopify ThemeMany strive to purchase electronics, choosing online purchases as a way to simultaneously save time and money: online stores are cheaper. For sellers, refusing to rent space is also beneficial, promotion through the network becomes the best way to offer buyers goods. An electronics store template will help you quickly create the right resource, run it and use it for profit.This is an adaptive template for the online electronics store. The universal structure and palette allow you to use this template on various topics. The theme is intended for the online store of any electronic and digital goods. It looks unique and stunningly clean in combination with blue, white, and black colors. Each block, design detail, and layout are carefully designed. This theme is 100% adaptive, which means that your website will work perfectly on all types of devices.The theme has a set of ready-made pages for your store that contain many useful features. First, the theme is very well-designed with a vertical category menu and a horizontal top menu. You can also create your own
Last updated: 12.05.21
Kardone Flowers Shop Shopify Theme
Kardone Flowers Shop Shopify ThemeSelling flowers online is a complex but interesting area in business. In e-commerce, this business occupies a special place due to some difficulties with delivery and product features. But we are sure that the sale of flowers may well be not just a hobby, but a full-fledged business. We suggest that you consider the flowers shop Shopify theme, which will help at the beginning of your business. The flowers shop Shopify themeis also a great template for a gift store, accessories, or sweets. You have the opportunity to get a modern resource, easy to manage and convenient for customers.The online flower store is an interesting niche for doing business, which requires certain CMS capabilities. By choosing the Shopify platform, you get a huge set of features to open a flower online store with ready-made design and opportunities for promotion.By creating an online store on Shopify, you can:- use the One-Click Purchase feature;- control the set of blocks on the page;- Set up shipping and payment options;- Set up fast filtering by color varieties.Shopify will provide you
Last updated: 12.03.21
Kardone - Single Product Shop, Drones Shopify Theme
Kardone - Single Product Shop Drones from ShopifyWe present to you the single product shop from Shopify. The Kardone theme made in ultramodern style - all the attention of customers will be directed only to your product. This template is perfect for the single-product shop. You can easily create your own beautiful and convenient online store.This template is ideal for promoting your product or service. An attractive and simple design, an understandable structure will increase the number of purchases and facilitate the promotion of your brand.Single Product Shop Template Theme FeaturesA simple and modern template allows you to show all the advantages and characteristics of your product or service. The online store has a simple and correct structure, it is easy to fill and start. Compelling and beautiful photos, a complete and convenient product description will increase the conversion of purchases and bring even more customers to you.You can sell one item or service in several modifications, necessary accessories, or additional services to increase the average check.The main page has everything you need for proper navigation:- Home;- About Us;- Catalog;-
Last updated: 18.11.20
KarDone Stationery Store Shopify Theme
KarDone Stationery Store Shopify ThemeSell stationery or any other equipment for office and school with KarDone! It`s a clean Shopify theme made with an addition of bright bocks. This means that in your online store, there will be enough place for the eye rest and lots of attention getters. This stationery store Shopify theme is very handy and includes several pages. Some of them are useful to tell visitors about your shop, company, or brands you rely on. Another page mockups are irreplaceable for showing your products from the best side.With KarDone, you`ll build an online store without coding and wasting of costs. Keep on reading!Choose The Ready-Made Stationery Shopify ThemeSo, be reasonable and seize all the perks of the KarDone stationery store Shopify Theme. First of all, it`s based on one of the best eCommerce platforms. Shopify is user-friendly, powerful, and intuitive. It supports all the modern payment systems and boosts of well-structured shopping carts. Moreover, working with our ready-made stationery theme you’ll be able to edit your shop visually not touching any code line.KarDone is even more than
Last updated: 29.09.20
Kardone Furniture Store and Decor Shopify Theme
Kardone Furniture Store and Decor Shopify ThemeEcommerce grows and develops every day. At the same time, the creation of an online furniture store as a whole is no different from any other online store. But in this direction of the business, there are features that we took into account when we created a furniture store and decor theme.Many people think that creating a decent online furniture store requires enormous effort and resources. It really is. But if you take a good ready-made template online store for selling furniture, then you can seriously win. The main thing is to make the right choice and know several main principles.In addition to choosing the right platform to create a site, you also need to structure your site correctly. Today, the main options by which you can create a structure for any furniture store are:1. organization by-products (tables, cabinets, chairs);2. room organization (kitchen, living room, bedroom);3. a brand organization.If you have a single-brand furniture store, it will be convenient for you to organize it by room or by-product. For those who work with other
Last updated: 18.02.21
Kardone - Sports Equipment Online Store Template Shopify Theme
Sports Equipment Online Store Template from Shopify This sports equipment online store template from Shopify is a ready-made solution for website to sell sports apparel, equipment, fitness gear or any other sports-oriented products online.The theme is full with all the necessary powerful Shopify tools and plugins to launch a successful business. Moreover, it has a modern responsive design that will allow performing your store inventory in the flawless way.Shopify Benefits performed in Sports Gear Online Template The sports gear online store template includes smart features that will give the ability to customize the Homepage of your website with about 16 ready-to-use sections. Let`s overview the most prominent:
  • Search plugin;
  • Wishlist block;
  • Multi-currency option;
  • Mega Menu with structured categories;
  • Blog;
  • Collections;
  • Newsletter Subscription form;
  • Theme Color Switcher;
  • Drop-shipping ready;
  • Detailed Documentation.
Sports Equipment Website Design has a Bootstrap design Bootstrap is a free grid-based framework that allows the creation of responsive websites. A bootstrap is an effective tool and that's the simple reason it is very well-liked. Using this framework, it is also possible for you to create responsive design, suitable for any kind of display screen size, prototype fresh new layouts without having any
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Last updated: 15.06.20
Power Tools Shopify Theme
This power tools Shopify theme has everything you need to launch an effective eCommerce website. You can sell anything from power tools, drill sets, saws to sanders and grinders.This theme will help you to become profitable!Power Tools Shopify Theme by ZemezThe drop-down mega menu makes it easy to find the product and browse the store without any difficulties. The theme equipped with unique features needed for getting the most out of your eCommerce store - product quickly view, wish list, language switcher, live search, products carousels and newsletter pop-up. This power tools Shopify theme has a multicurrency functionality, which is enables you to reach and work with the abroad customers.Start a successful Power Tools and Equipment eCommerce store with this Shopify theme!Top Shopify Power Tools and Equipment Themes:
  • Tools Equipment Shopify Theme
  • Tools Store Shopify Templates Bundle
  • Tools & Equipment Multipage Clean Shopify Theme
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Last updated: 24.01.20
Kardone - Clothing Store Modern Shopify Theme
Developed by professionals this has all you need to launch a profitable eCommerce clothing website. It has a nice design made to highlight your products and present them in the best possible way. In addition, it is fully editable and you can change it to create a unique design suitable for your fashion store business.Introduce Your Clothing Store EffectivelyIt has many pre-built pages you can fill with products and other content. You can blog and use social options to advertise your business or inform customers about sales and discounts. Built with Shopify eCommerce pack this template provides you with all features you need to create a successful online business.
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Last updated: 23.06.20