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Belford Modern Portfolio Website Sketch Template
Belford Modern Portfolio Website is a minimal, creative and modern Sketch template for individuals and agencies.Layers are completely organized and labeled and 12 column grid is used.The unique view, color scheme, eye-friendly typography and layouts all are built in way that grab users attention at a very first glance.The smart usage of white space has tremendously improved the look and feel, so that each section of the website contains both sufficient information and a place to rest the eye, hence the user can only focus on one section at a time.Using icons and photography has made the design appealing and more meaningful.Guidelines and grid system overlay layer will help you distinguish the bootstrap rows, columns and container.All files are well structured, all layers are grouped and hierarchy is well applied. All folders and layers are named properly so that it’s super easy to find a desired layer.====== Credit ======Images: UnsplashFonts: Google Font (Roboto)
S-Translate Mobile App Sketch Template - Neumorphic Dark Mode
S-Translate Mobile App Sketch Template - Neumorphic Dark ModeThis application functions as a language translation. Drawn with the Sketch tool, with the Neumorphic design trend. It has completely changeable content. It is easy to use and practical. You can make changes and revise within the layers as you wish. It is designed for Ios screens, but you can easily use it on Android-based platforms. In the application, there are possibilities to make translation with textual, voice command and camera method. Scanning, instant view and import file options are available within the camera option. When you encounter a language you do not know at any time, you can use this application and translate in the language you want.