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90s Synth Pop - Audio Track
Trendy, positive and powerful 90’s inspired retro synthpop track with a great bass groove, synth plucks, analog synths, warm pads and other goodies from 90’s.Perfect for retro videos, vlogs (video blogs), dancing videos, tutorials, games, Youtube, travel videos, even for festival advertising.Generally great for anything connected with the 80’s and 90’s.I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.
Epic Cinematic Track "Thunderstorm"
Inspiring and powerful cinematic track. Imagine a sea storm approaching on you, hurricane wind blowing and sea water splashs! Royalty free music with lots of energy and action! Best choice for cinema trailers, teasers, movies, sport and motivational videos, anime, cartoons, youtube projects etc.
Classical Piano "Mind of Great Pianist"
Modern classic piano composition perfomed and recorded by virtuoso from our team. Very deep and dramatic music with excellent stage perfomance and fantastic sound of Great piano. You can get a self pleasure just listening it in the evening with glass of wine! Elite choice for cinema, theatre, drama, figure scating, TV, video projects etc.
Birmingham - Piano pop - Stock music Audio Track
Bright and bouncy, featuring grooving piano, synthesizers and programmed drums that create a proud, triumphant mood. Use very easy for your social media. Soundtrack with a determined and energetic climax. Great for promo, products, social media, infographic, presentation slideshows, podcast.
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Surf Rock Summer - Stock Music
An energetic, fun and upbeat surf rock track. Beaches, oceans, summer and teenagers surfing are what come to mind!Ideal for commercials, advertising, short TV/ film scenes that need sunny surf rock background music.Catchy and clean reverb surf guitars, 60’s-inspired walking bass line, powerful big beat drums and pop hand claps.
Hey World Female Vocal Happy - Audio Track
This is positive and cheerful song with female lyrics and acoustic guitars. It`s very good for presenting your videos, commercials, films and much more. This song spreding a good massage to the world. It`s very unique and happy song perfect for your projects. Don`t miss it!
Clumsy Baby Reindeer (Uplifting Fun Kids) - Stock Music
A quirky and funny music track that sounds like a baby stumbling while learning how to walk. It features an acoustic guitar, celeste, christmas jingle bells, xylophone, trombone, comical sound effects and a hip hop drum beat. It is perfect for animation, cartoons, family videos, holiday videos, toy unboxing, toy review, Lego build, kids vloggers and funny kids videos.
Pop Music "Retro Dancing"
Energetic dance track with modern beat, guitar and deep piano chords is perfect for advertising, taveling, corporate presentations, commercial videos, social and media content, travelling and discovery videos, successful videos. slideshows, youtube videos etc.
Happy Funny Childish - Stock Music

Happy Funny Childish - Stock Music by VictorMusicProduction

A positive bubblegum track with a quirky, carefree attitude. It features ukulele rhythm, upbeat drums, fun xylophone melody, happy tuba, optimistic flute, claps and amusing, frisky effects. Perfect for toy unboxing, toy review, brick build, kids vloggers, nursery rhymes, kids songs, cartoon animation, funny kids videos and more!
Place For Dreams- Audio Track
This is a positive and joyful background song with male lyrics/vocal. It goes well for promotional purpose like videos, commercials, trailers and much more. You can buy only instrumental. This romantic song will instantly transport you to your dream place.
Big Band Savage Jazz - Audio Track
Exuberant big band swing jazz with vibrant stings and classy tinge. Rampant drums and highsounding brass for a very cool music for showbiz promotional videos and retro inspired projects. Piano solo at 0:50 and trombone at 1:15.
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The Luminous Path - Stock Music
Modern Epic background with orchestral sounds and modern electronic synth. Great choice for success scenes, action trailer or epic battle.This positive track is also suitable for many projects as sport videos, drone footage, commercials and advertisement.Both WAV/MP3 versions are included in the package.I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.Thank you for purchase!
Guymri - Optimistic Pop Folk - Audio track Stock Music
Playful Acoustic Folk Music featuring acoustic guitars, Glockenspiel, synth bass and percussion. Happy background music for positive project such as scenes and animations with children, kids or funny content. Great for vlogs, music for Youtube, wedding videos, slideshows and more.
Corporate Motivational Inspiration - Audio Track
This is an optimistic, cheerful and very catchy song created for presenting any kind of positive videos, for backgrounds, commercials, cheerful presentations, youtube videos and much more. Also it is a very calming and lively song great for lifting your mood.
Christmas Thrilling Atmosphere - Stock Music
Thrilling orchestral music expressing the exciting and magic atmosphere of Christmas season. Fast lively tempo, uplifting melody and powerful sound. This track is both epic and passionate and it contains all the elements of Christmas music: bells, chimes, pizzicato strings, children's choir.
Classical Piano Loop - Audio Track
A serene, quiet and reflective classical sounding but modern track.-Loops seamlessly.-Works for many different projects including presentations, slideshows, advertising and more.
Joyful Moments- Audio Track
This is a very positive and optimistic song created with acoustic guitar, piano melody violines....It`s very good for presenting your projects, videos, commercials and much more. This upbeat song will remind you of your most beautiful moments family gatherings, weddings, unforgettable friendships, the most beautiful vacation and bring back long-forgotten memories.
Rainbow After Rain - Stock Music - Audio Track
Bouncy and uplifting, warm and uplifting, featuring mallet, ukulele, handclaps, strings, and drums that create a positive, sunny mood. Scenic, animation with children, funny content, family event. Use very easy for your social media. Great for promo, products, social media, infographic, presentation slideshows, podcast.
Tropical Lifestyle - Latin Samba Stock Music
Cheerful and playful bossa nova / samba with a lively carefree mood and a slight retro air (1960's). Latin jazz groove by piano, electric organ, flute, string section, drums and brazilian percussions: the perfect easy-listening soundtrack for a pool party or a cocktail lounge atmosphere.
Independent Ukulele (cheerful acoustic pop)
A lighthearted instrumental pop track lead by a gentle ukulele.Cheerful, lively, upbeat, with a candid fresh vibe, perfect for commercial, advertising and corporate purpose.The recording features all live instrumentation: ukulele, clapping hands, kalimba, glockenspiel, electric bass, acoustic drums, strings.
Sunshine In Africa Stock Music
High energy afrobeat with driving percussions, cheerful electric guitar, playful ethnic mallets (balafon) and sassy accordion. Fast tempo with influences of traditional upbeat grooves of Mali, Kenya, South Africa. Festive atmosphere and very happy mood.Perfect for:
  • African culture related productions
  • Kwanzaa celebration
  • Documentaries and travel vlogs
  • Advertising
  • Videogames
  • Safari reportages
Let's Go! Acoustic Bouncy Confident Pop - Stock Music
Optimistic and punchy pop track with acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums, and catchy guitar melody that evokes feelings of determination and confidence. This track will certainly work well with sports competitions, commercials, podcasts, media projects, viral marketing, background, commercial projects, corporate projects, Youtube videos, business projects, social media, and more.
Seven Seas - Audio Track
Cinematic orchestral track featuring brass, woodwinds and strings, conveying voyages and adventure on the sea. Suitable for trailers and tv.
Asian Stock Music Theme "A Great River"
A beautiful, cinematic royalty free Asian music theme with atmospheric piano bits, strings, flutes and deep epic drums, ideal music production for trailers, landscape videos, movies or openers. An exciting track with East Asian colors and melancholic mood.
Colorful Landscapes (Ambient Guitar) - Stock Music
- Reflective and inspiring ambient track with acoustic guitars, synthesizers, bells, strings. Beautiful bell patterns evoke feelings of hope and peace.- Perfect background music for, motivational videos, documentaries, inspiring projects, infographics, technology, broadcasting, commercials, slideshows, television, commercial projects, corporate projects, explanations video, travel, and more.
Fun Upbeat Funk (Move To The Groove) - Stock Music
An upbeat and positive music track that gets you moving. It creates a sense of final celebration, jubilant festivities and lively entertainment. It has a groovy rhythmic beat and percussion, emphatic bass guitar, rejoicing brass, synth plucks, and jingling piano. It is ideal for intro and outro video sequences, end credits, dance videos, choreography rehearsal, videos about culture, art, nature, travel, festivals and carnivals.
Energetic Rock Guitar - Stock Music

Energetic Rock Guitar - Stock Music by VictorMusicProduction

A catchy, driving music track that creates a feeling of excitement. It features crunchy, raw electric guitars, horn accents, vintage slide guitar fills and lively drums. Perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing projects, TV ads, product promotion, movie soundtrack, film score, backing track, unique branding, tutorials, no dialogue scenes and more!
Easy Going Warm Acoustic - Stock Music
- Inspirational and uplifting music track with warm acoustic guitars. In the style of Americana, acoustic folk, and new country. The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and joy.- Perfect background music on:rural and Americana lifestyle usescorporate videospositive advertisements.promo video,corporate presentation,travel, commercialsvacation,family slideshow.Comes in the full mix and there are also edits: 60 sec, 30 sec, 15 sec, and a stinger
Kaleidoscope (upbeat vintage rock)
An upbeat and energetic track with a fun vintage vibeSurf rock sound in sixties style, lively and happy, exciting and fun.The recording features all live instrumentation: Hammond organ, electric guitars, electric bass, acoustic drums and hand percussion.
Long Story Short Piano - Audio Track
Inspirational piano, joined at times by the melody of a celesta. Perfect for accompanying moving images and narrative videos.To loop overlap the beginning to the ending note minding the timing.