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Burn The Rain - Future Bass Trap Soul Stock Music
Creative title: Burn The Rain.A cool, trendy royalty free trap/future bass, with EDM saws, e-piano, soft plucks, 808 bass, and tight beats, best for vlogs, lifestyle, summer, or youth projects.Available in Full, Underscore, 60 and 30 sec edits + 1 Loop.
Space Track "Stars Motion"
A futuristic, energetic rising space trailer. You can realy imagine stars motion deep in the space! An awesome quality of sound and fantastic mood! Best choice for movies, cinemas, trailers and teasers, video games, cinematic pojects, intros, futuristic and space videos.
Ethnic Epic "Great Dynasty"
An inspirational and dramatic ethnic epic music with elements of orient and middle east culture, featuring grand piano, cinematic strings and brass, duduk, epic drums, ethnic percussion, bells, background choir, synth bass, wooshes and sub bass. This incredible music ideal for cinema trailers, teasers, openers, intros, advertising, video games, travel guides, inspirational movies, vlogs, history, ethnic projects, heroic stories, new discoveries, etc.
Epic Cinematic Track "Thunderstorm"
Inspiring and powerful cinematic track. Imagine a sea storm approaching on you, hurricane wind blowing and sea water splashs! Royalty free music with lots of energy and action! Best choice for cinema trailers, teasers, movies, sport and motivational videos, anime, cartoons, youtube projects etc.
Fun Upbeat Retro Soul - Stock Music
A fun, upbeat, retro and soulful dance track with great energy! An ideal track for funny adverts or videos with twist dancing and comedy. Also great for platform video games or a TV game show theme! Tight clean electric guitars, punchy walking bass lines, fast drum rhythms, bright xylophone/glockenspiel melodies, comical brass and sax.
Happy Holiday Music "It's Christmas Time"
A happy, modern royalty free Christmas song with cool bells, strings, piano bits, chimes and trendy beats, best for movies, holiday ads, children contents,cartoons, anime videos, figure scating, theatre, ballet, youtube projects, advertising, presentations or just for easy listening.
Fluid Data - Audio Track
Contemporary ambient background music with chill out influences, perfect for business presentations, corporate videos, infomercial. Soft, atmospheric vibe, with warm reverberate sounds (pads, synthesizers, drum machine, piano), calm, contemplative mood.
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Tender - Folk Acoustic Audio Track Stock Music
Warm, comforting Folk Pop instrumental track, with piano, acoustic guitars, strings and drums. Intimate, positive mood, serene disposition. This track is perfect for family-oriented campaigns, real estate promotional clips, advertising and youtube videos.
Surf Rock Summer - Stock Music
An energetic, fun and upbeat surf rock track. Beaches, oceans, summer and teenagers surfing are what come to mind!Ideal for commercials, advertising, short TV/ film scenes that need sunny surf rock background music.Catchy and clean reverb surf guitars, 60’s-inspired walking bass line, powerful big beat drums and pop hand claps.
Urban Stories - Audio Track
An urban royalty free electro track with trap beats, synths, low basslines and trendy vocal cuts, great for youth, fashion, promo or social media contents.P.R.O. PRS for Music UK:Composers: Boban Apostolov CAE/IPI:586556990 | Nenad Todorovski CAE/IPI:819812713
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Sad Cinematic Piano "Memories Never Die"
A passionate, sad, romantic royalty free cinematic piano music theme with emotional strings and epic hits, best for tragic scenes, funerals, theater plays, movie intros, figure scating, theatre drama plays, romantic tv series, cinema teasers, movie or cartoon soundtrack.
Experimental Electronic Track "Damage"
A strange, acid and atonal track with surrealistic mood and crazy sound including different synths, plucks, percussion, vocal samples and dirty beat. Best choice for cinema soundtracks, horror video games, industrial thematics, villains themes, experiment videos, stalker thematics etc.
Cinematic Odyssey "The Last Stand"
A dramatic, rising royalty free cinematic piece with orchestral strings, piano, big brass and epic drums, best choice for battle scenes, action trailers, movie teasers and trailers, cinematic intros video games, youtube content, inspiring and motivational videos.
Hard Metal Intro - Audio Track Stock Music
Explosive hard metal track with a groovy beat. Sports, fighting, cars, extreme – this theme, in which perfectly fit the track.Style: Metal, Rock, Alternative, Djent, Hardcore, GrungePerfect for commercials, dynamic slideshow, presentations, sports opener, sports intro, sport promo, sports broadcast, sports broadcast opener, fitness, workout, fighting, snowboarding, surfing, show, presentation, advertising, car, racing, extreme, extreme sports, adrenalin, motorbikes, promo, movies, event, films trailers, montage, motion graphic, YouTube videos and any other of your tasks.Instruments: Electric Guitar, drums, bass.
Inspiring Art Rock Theme "The Colors of Fate"
An inspiring, uplifting and motivational aesthetic rock music with awesome live electric guitars, incredible guitar solo(perfomed by professional guitar player, groovy drums, rock bass, staccatto strings, solo duduk and flute. Best choice for cinematic projects, movie trailers and soundtracks, broadcasting, advertising, easy listening etc. 
Worlds' Explorer - Audio Track
An upbeat orchestral track featuring piano, pizzicato strings, harp, xylophone, various percussions, and a drop of flute towards the end. Very cheerful, and cinematic. Evokes images of travel and wilderness. Happy and adventurous. A natural journey.
Upbeat Childrens Pop - Audio Track
A jolly, upbeat, catchy and happy pop song for children's media. Featuring: glockenspiel/vibes, piano, saxophone, brass, bass, hand claps and drums.Other uses for this track include children’s TV/videos, babies, nurseries, educational videos, dogs, cats and other pets, innocent families, sunny days, commercials, universal video games, animation/cartoon videos, radio, podcasts, social media and projects that evoke positive emotions.
Epic Adventure "Empire Of Titans"
A powerful, majestic and inspiring epic track with big drums and cymbals, cinematic strings and horns, deep piano, pads, wind and sub effects. This ultimate quality soundtrack is ideal for video games, movie trailers, epic and drammatic videos, gopro projects, Youtube game striming, advetising, commercials etc.
Inspiring Cinematic "Stormbreaker"
Very powerful, inspiring and motivational cinematic piece with hybrid orchestra, deep piano, choir, risers and subs creates a specially atmosphere and sound for your projects. This advanced music is best for trailers, movies, soundtracks, Youtube videos, game streams, advertising and other commercial projects.
Most Trend New Year Party Ident Stock Music
Perfect for games, animations, advertising, YouTube movies, cinematic, trailerscartoons, vlogs, motion graphics projects, sound design, infographics videos,radio, movies, videos, TV production, commercials, etc.It will contribute to make your projects stronger.Thank you for your interest.
Rock Guitar Hero - Stock Music

Rock Guitar Hero - Stock Music by VictorMusicProduction

A refreshing real rock guitar with the rawest sound. Earth-shaking riffs inspired by classic rock and roll legends. The aggression and intensity created by overdriven guitar parts and hard-hitting drums will electrify your project, be it a chase scene, rock documentary, or a car commercial.
The Future is Here - Audio Track Stock Music
Bright and powerful synthesizer sets the strong energy of this composition. New technologies are appearing more and more often and this music is perfect for a video about innovation! Perfect for projects such as advertising, future technologies, flying a drone, background video, presentation, computer program or game, sci-fi films, documentaries, tv, movies and much more.Instruments: Synth, future bass, drums, plack, effects.
Power of Motivation - Stock Music
Powerful, beautiful and inspirational dubstep royalty free music track with amazing mix orchestral instruments, cinematic sounds and powerful dubstep drums and percussions. Very inspirational, heroic, patriotic, brave and motivational mood, perfect adventure and cinematic atmosphere and positive upbeat sounds. Intense Dubstep Epic Music. Perfect for inspirational and motivational video, adventure videos, GoPro Action & Travel videos, cool advertisement, TV show, YouTube background, extreme scenes, racing music, pursuits soundtrack, sports events or video games, showreels, battle scenes, film music, TV Spot, epic movie trailers, motivational sport videos, any kind of cinema production, movie background, Youtube video and for many other purposes.
Silent Night Punk Rock Version (vocals/instrumental versions)
The well known Christmas classic in a wild punk rock styleThe VOCALS version is sung with power and fun, somehow between energetic excitement and joyful humor.The INSTRUMENTAL version is available and included, with theme played by lead guitar.Both versions are 1:34 in length.Merry Christmas :)
Toddlers Dream / Glockenspiel And Music Box Lullaby Baby - Stock Music - Audio Track
Baby Lullaby is a gentle and soft baby's tune played with vibraphone, glockenspiel, Strings, bells and sweet toys sounds. best for lullabies, intros, Kids video, pets, Christmas visuals, cute Youtube montages. baby ads, love stories, sleep moods or family footage. This elegant and soothing melody will genuinely craft your projects in a special and unique way ! This light and dreamy tune will also add some remarkable moments to your projects and videos ! 
Adventure Epic Track "Honor in Blood"
An inspiring, royalty free epic piano track with orchestra, strings and brass, epic drums, some synths and choirs, best choice for advertising, inspiring videos, youtube projects, action trailers, cinematic openers, epic intros, movie trailers and teasers, Gopro Projects.
Futuristic Track "Cyberpunk"
Futuristic, atmospheric and alarming track that took a part in composers competition by HBO "Westworld" tv series. Great sound and atmosphere will let you fell yourself in a future! Best choice for high technology projects, video games, movie trailers, action scenes etc.
Smooth Lounge Jazzy Vocal Stock Music
This is a nice female vocal jazzy lounge background music, with an organ solo in the end! It is a perfect tune for projects with themes of happiness, love, optimism, family, lifestyle, young and beautiful people, and more! It is ideally for video makers and footage, like background music in public places, wedding films, love story films, lounge zones, elevator and more.Tempo of track: 140 BPM
Epic Adventure "Steps of Glory"
An inspiring and dramatic royalty free cinematic piece with strings, brass, synths, hybrid fx, background choirs and epic drums, best for movie trailers, teasers, cinematic intros, youtube videos, advertising, presentations, sport and motivational videos, action scenes or endings.
Colors - Audio Track
A pair of pianos get together to create a gripping rhythm and a beautiful melody.Slowly builds up to the main part where it softly bursts with life. Inspiring and uplifting. Powerful but simple.Perfect as a background for slideshows, beautiful imagery, videos that need a simple inspiring sound to bring the most life out of the images.
Spooky Halloween Waltz - Stock Music
Spooky Halloween music theme with mysterious music-box, strings tremolos, ghost-like theremin melody, skeletal harpsichord to create a sinister and haunted mood. Perfect for Halloween specials, cinematic promos, amusement parks and commercials. Multiple versions included: full length, short (1 minute) and stinger.
Eastern Metal Edgy And Fast (powerful heavy metal)
An instrumental track in heavy metal style with eastern harmonies to make it more spicy.Perfect for action, adventure, sports, workout, fight and war scenarios.The recording features all live instrumentation: two electric guitars, electric bass and acoustic drums.