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Ambient Fanatsy "Earth Song"
A very beautiful, fascinating, atmospheric and relaxing ambient track filled with wonderful elven female voices, charming duduk, relaxing soundscapes, deep piano, ethereal pads, relaxing drums and percussion. Perfect for documentaries, inspiring timelapse videos, landscapes, underwater world videos, presentations, natural and geographical projects, movie soundtracks, videos, forest and nature footages, background for YouTube, Vimeo, ecological and environmental protection projects and much more.
Fear Horror Scary Environment Stock Music
Perfect for games, animations, advertising, YouTube movies, cinematic, trailerscartoons, vlogs, motion graphics projects, sound design, infographics videos,radio, movies, videos, TV production, commercials, etc.It will contribute to make your projects stronger.Thank you for your interest.
Ethnic Epic "Great Dynasty"
An inspirational and dramatic ethnic epic music with elements of orient and middle east culture, featuring grand piano, cinematic strings and brass, duduk, epic drums, ethnic percussion, bells, background choir, synth bass, wooshes and sub bass. This incredible music ideal for cinema trailers, teasers, openers, intros, advertising, video games, travel guides, inspirational movies, vlogs, history, ethnic projects, heroic stories, new discoveries, etc.
Exotic Bossa Nova - Stock Music
Smooth and colourful bossa nova track with bright piano melodies, sweet flutes, soft string undertones, short pizzicato bass notes, provocative brass and syncopated percussion. Dreamy jazzy chords and a bouncy rhythm.Perfect background music for silent scenes, light-hearted scenes, romantic scenes, advertising (think perfume or luxury items or nice restaurants). Also great for exotic dance scenes. James Bond out for dinner with a beautiful woman in France with a vodka martini is how I would describe this in one sentence.
Future Technology "Innovation News"
An inspiring, modern royalty free music theme with a warm piano, synths, orchestral strings, brass and cool beats, best choice for TV shows, news, social projects, business presentations, movie trailers, advertising, medicine thematics, science or tech vlogs.
Spanish Fever - Stock Music
A fierce summery upbeat spanish track filled with lead and rhythm acoustic guitars, electric bass, castanets, claps and cajons. This is the perfect track for dancing, celebration, romance, travel and more.This pack contains 15s, 30s and Full Versions.
Modern Soul Ambiance Stock Music
Perfect for games, animations, advertising, YouTube movies, cinematic, trailerscartoons, vlogs, motion graphics projects, sound design, infographics videos,radio, movies, videos, TV production, commercials, etc.It will contribute to make your projects stronger.Thank you for your interest.
Cocktail Mambo - Audio Track
Groovy latin jazz with mambo and salsa influences, featuring brass, piano, percussions and drums. Cool, elegant cocktail/lounge atmosphere, tropical vibe and dancing beat.
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Percussion Beat "Cheerleaders"
A modern, percussive royalty freetrack with big toms, hits, sticks and a drum&bass part in the middle. Driving, fun and very posotive music! Perfect choice for sport projects, action scenes, commercial presentations, advertising, business trendy videos, game projects etc.
Action The Movie Ambient 2 Stock Music
Perfect for games, animations, advertising, YouTube movies, cinematic, trailerscartoons, vlogs, motion graphics projects, sound design, infographics videos,radio, movies, videos, TV production, commercials, etc.It will contribute to make your projects stronger.Thank you for your interest.
Irish Legacy - Folk Stock Music
Bright and proud Irish folk music with traditional instruments: fiddle violin, tin whistle, guitars, accordion and bodhran drum. A festive dance rhythm that celebrates the Celtic heritage, evoking a cheerful Irish pub atmosphere and the scent of freshly brewed beer and shamrocks
Celtic Dances - Stock Music
Lively Irish jig, with its driving and fast rhythm. A folksy stepdance built on the fast-paced beats of the bodhran drum, with guitars and accordion accompanying, and fiddle violin and tin whistle playing the melody. Festive pub atmosphere, perfect for St. Patrick's day celebrations or Celtic culture-related projects.
Fantastic Mystical Cinematic Theme Stock Music
Suitable for montages, business videos and openers, science,medical, technology, travel, lifestyle and health videos. Also good for startup,app, promos, explainers, uplifting and inspiring projects, video games and corporate presentations.Main genre: background, abstract, ambient, advertising, experimental, electronic, inspiring,modern, technology, commercial, beautiful, presentation, atmospheric, emotional,soft, inspirational, piano, glitch, timelapse, futuristic, corporate, calm, chill, future,fashion, deep, business, stylish, beauty, high-tech.Thank you for your cooperation and interest.I'm Grateful, Regards.
Medival Piece "Pirates Of The Caribbean"
An inspiring and glorious adventure track cinematic strings and brass, grand cymbalom, deep piano, epic drums and background choir, best choice for adventure movies soundtracks, teasers, trailers, medieval ethnic projects and videos, adverts, nautical videos etc.
Nice Asian Piece "Weekend in China"
An inspiring, royalty free orient adventure theme, includes cinematic strings and brass, flute, epic drums, cymbalom, deep piano, pads and some transition effects, ideal for cinema soundtracks, cartoons, trailers, teasers, movies, video games, youtube videos, tv shows, gopro and discovery projects.
Ambient Guitar Loop - Audio Track
This is an ambient song perfect for your project. It`s very pleasant and emotional with felling of joy and happiness.. This song is created with percussions, synth, electric guitar and world beat sounds. It`s great for relaxing presentation, chilling videos, documentaries and much more.
Dreamy, Sentimental, Heartfull / Electronic Nostalgic Tune
Breezy organ, piano, pizz strings and synthesizers backed by downtempo rhythms, suggesting witnessing the passage of time and seasons, and the sentimental feelings of nostalgia that come with. It is perfect for film trailer, movie scenes, background presentations, a slide show, historical documentaries, commercial, marketing, and other various projects.
Hawaii Is A Paradise - Stock Music
Laidback relaxed Hawaiian traditional music whisks you away to a tropical island. Lazy ukulele strumming chords and mellow lap steel guitar melody. Slow, easy-going tempo for a sleepy and soothing atmosphere. Take some rest on your hammock under palm trees on a sunny beach. 
Petroria - Enigmatic World Beat - Audio Track Stock Music
Pulsing and worried, with corporate motivational and production / film scores human drama elements featuring electric keyboard, empowering synthesizer, electric guitar and piano to create a determined and investigative mood. Use very easy for your social media. Great for promo, products, social media, infographic, slideshows, podcast. This track has a puzzling and enigmatic texture.
Brazil Tour - Audio Track
Fun and bouncy latin dance track with upbeat reggaeton beats, brass, guitars and vocal shouts, great for party, summer or travel visuals.
Corporate Motivational Inspiration - Audio Track
This is an optimistic, cheerful and very catchy song created for presenting any kind of positive videos, for backgrounds, commercials, cheerful presentations, youtube videos and much more. Also it is a very calming and lively song great for lifting your mood.
Jingle Bells - Audio Track
A festive, magical Christmas music track with inspiring strings, bells, chimes and percussion. Best for holiday ads, openers, cartoon, movies and many more
Wild and Free - Audio Track
Happy and energetic music featuring African drums and percussion, exciting rhythms, bass, ukulele melodies and inspiring vocals. Perfect for films, documentaries, TV shows about Africa, football/soccer videos, youtube videos, ads, commercials and more. 
Streets Of Bombay - Audio Track
Bright Indian music with traditional ethnic instruments (sitar, bansuri, tanpura, tabla, veena) playing on a cool funky groove. With influences from Bombay bhangra music the track has a cool contemporary sound and it's perfect for documentaries, travel vlogs, commercials and film cues.
Mexican Mariachi Fiesta - Stock Music
Festive and cheerful mexican Mariachi music featuring traditional instruments (guitar, trumpet, accordion, violin). Festive, joyful mood. For projects relating to Mexican culture, food, and vacation. Full length track includes also a passionate waltz intermezzo.  
Building Upbeat Electro / Industrial Hip Hop Rock
Cool and pulsing, with new wave electro pop elements featuring trendy synthesizer, piano, Electric guitar, Rhode and synth drums to create a confident and content mood. Use very easy for You tubers, filmmaker, sound designer, content creators, suspenseful report
Chinese Romance - Audio Track
Tender and sentimental chinese ballad featuring instruments of chinese music tradition (gu zheng, pipa, di zi flute) piano and strings. Romantic, warm atmosphere, relaxing and inspiring mood.
Chinese Asian Cinematic Stock Music
Ethnic cinematic world music in Asian style. In this track combines cinematic and traditional asian instruments Excellent for travel to Asia, nature landscapes , documentary, asian culture and religion!!! Also perfect for historical movies, movies about Asia, authentic architecture, authentic lifestyle, documentaries, dramatic moments, nature videos, inspirational slideshow, inspirational landscape, Korean festival, trailers and presentations.
Tuk-tuk Road Trip - Indian Stock Music
Uptempo Indian folk music with elements of western hip-hop and pop. A mix of traditional instruments such as sitar, tabla, bansuri and modern instruments like drum-kit and bass perfectly expresses the idea of contemporary and dynamic India, with its modern cosmopolitan soul always faithful to its cultural values. The string orchestra adds epicness. Cool funky groove perfect for movies, video games, commercials or travel documentaries
Welcome to Middle East - Audio Track
Welcome to Middle East - it's a very fresh and modern uptempo trance music with abstract mood, hi-tech sound, and commercial arrangement. Excellent to use in different advertising and promo videos, intros, events. Excellent to use in different Arabic time-lapses, radios, dance festivals, holidays for example Eid al-Adha. Here you will find the ambient part with duduk!
French Cafe - Stock Music
Romantic French waltz featuring musette accordion, piano, acoustic guitar, celeste, harp and brush drums, creating a pleasant, dreamy atmosphere letting you dream of Paris or scenes from an impressionist painting. Delightful and sentimental mood perfect for Valentine's Day or love related projects.
Asian Ethnic Music Stock Music
Beautiful asian cinematic music. Perfect for any videos, commercials, vlogs, podcasts, business projects, advertising, marketing, car commercials, fighting, vacation videos, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, startup videos, radio, TV, games, films, trailers, advertising and more…
When God Are Sleeping - Audio Track
Beautiful, dreamy, nature & abstract documentary ambient soundtrack. Tranquil, calm, leisurely, easy listening and full chill out music. Perfect fit for documentary background, calm movies background, nature videos, meditation, relaxation, audiobook, and for many other projects, when deep beautiful background music is needed.
Summer Vibes - Stock Music
Beautiful calm & inspirational summer lounge background royalty free musictrack. Positive vibes, summer piano chords and pads, beauty percussion, voices and beats with inspiring and optimistic mood. Light, airy, dreamy, beauty summersoundtrack. Perfect track for: summer inspirational video, film music, TV show, TV Spot, adventure and travel videos, showreels, landscapes, drone fly, summer openers, shop background, restaurant or cafe background music, summer light sports events or video games, fashion project, creative promotions, advertising video, fashion shows, presentations, video about cook and food, lounge area, call center background and for many other purposes.
Welcome to India - Audio Track
Welcome to India - it's a cinematic chill slow tempo music with a relaxed mood, hi-tech sound, and commercial arrangement. Excellent to use in different advertising and promo videos, intros, events. Excellent to use in different Indian time-lapses, radios, yoga, dance festivals, holidays for example Diwali. Try to advertise photo and video editing resources, web-pages, and more.