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A mother with her two daughters on Christmas Day, wearing Santa Claus hats and surrounded by decorations and a Christmas tree. The mother is sitting on the couch with her daughters. The daughter on the left is playing with a doll and the daughter on the right is reading a book. The mother is smiling at her daughters.
Last updated: 14.01.22
Smiling cheerful blond woman in office suit sitting at workplace with computer and showing bitcoin in hand doing thumbs up gesture and looking at cameraFeatures:✔️ 7-second footage✔️ 1920x1080 resolution✔️ MP4 video format✔️ NLE-ready
Last updated: 20.02.21
A loving couple with a dog, sitting on a fence while watching a romantic sunset, give each other an affectionate kiss. It's a quiet, serene evening as a couple watches the sunset together. The sun is going down, painting the sky in a beautiful array of colors. The couple stands in a secluded spot, holding each other as they watch the sun slowly sink below the horizon.
Last updated: 14.01.22
A modern office is a busy place, but when you need to meet with your team or an important client, you need to take the time to shake their hands. The International Handshake is a gesture of respect and greeting that you can use in any situation. The International Handshake Kit includes everything you need to perfect your handshake. It includes 4 cards with hand positions, an instruction booklet, and a storage box. The cards are helpful for you to remember the right way to shake hands, and the instruction booklet has easy-to-follow instructions.
Last updated: 14.01.22
It is a stock video footage mp4 template with HD (1080) resolution in people category. People with bags and backpacks are walking in different directions in the airport passageway. The interior is white and well lit because of the large facade windows. There are two travelators in the middle actively used by the most of people
Last updated: 27.11.20