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Responsive website templates are well-suited for those developers who envision themselves having both fluid-width and adaptive website that caters for any possible screen resolution. This means that every single responsive template seamlessly serves different media formats and devices people use to enter the website that is based on this template.

TemplateMonster produces responsive web design templates that each has 4 primary layout options and a bunch of additional ones. So to accurately respond to the medium that is being used to view them, the templates become fluid and easily adapt to the width of the browser. To degrade perfectly down to smaller screen sizes responsive templates utilize changing font sizes, navigation menu, columns, text blocks and images that scale and change their position. To see the responsive designs in action, please check out the templates' live demos and play with the browser window width.

Testing a Free Bootstrap Template, you can see what's inside the template package of the given product type. If you like how the product performs, you might want to look at TemplateMonster's store for an available premium template of this kind. If you want to learn more about RWD, see this Responsive Web Design interactive guide on board. You'll find all important info backed up with articles, free PDF books, Google recommendations, along with some tools, plugins, and helpful tutorials.
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TemplateMonster's Responsive Web Templates

The key point with our responsive designs is that along with implementing media queries they have a specific type of adaptive grid and flexible images.

They accommodate the in-house content including font-sizes, images that scale and change their position, navigation menu, columns, forms and featured content blocks that in order to degrade perfectly down to smaller screen sizes often become one column stacking up vertically on top of each other.

With these responsive templates you can get your project off the ground quickly and switch your website over to a brand new fluid design. Choose through the available responsive web templates and get your website displayed in a way that is best suited for your site visitors' resolutions. You can also view the templates at different window sizes and on different devices to see them in action. In case you are looking for email templates for the next personal or business email campaign, pay closer attention to the batch of Responsive Email Newsletter Templates. You may also review the collection of Amazing Responsive Email Newsletter Templates to find the latest items that will render beautifully in any modern email client.

Responsive Web Design

If to tackle the concept of responsive web design, you should understand that it is all about adapting the layout of the website to fit different screen resolutions. Building pixel-perfect, standard fixed width website is no longer enough. To meet these days' requirements your website must have flexible layout that scales seamlessly to suit different browser widths.

How is that possible? Well, that has become real with CSS media queries that can indicate the medium used to view it, test which resolution the screen has and show up certain website layout accordingly. What it gives you is a possibility to design your website for browsers of all sizes. But being design-savvy alone is usually not enough to create a responsive website. You should make sense of responsive CSS frameworks and know how to implement fluid grids and flexible images into your website structure.

TemplateMonster can help you create responsive web design with ease. We suggest you the responsive website templates with fluid layouts that can serve up different media formats including smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, and desktop monitors. You do not need to build several websites for different types of screen resolutions; instead you can use one of these responsive templates that already have multiple layout versions. Our responsive web templates are ready to adopt whatever your content or style is. To select from the most popular items, feel free to check out the collection of First-class Responsive Joomla Themes. Once you pick the template you like, scale its live demo in your browser window and see how the concept of responsive design works.

Also, if you are planning to launch a responsive online store, check out our collection of Responsive Ecommerce Templates.

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