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Stefan V.

We purchased this review for our new website because we liked the layout and the color scheme and did not want to waste time creating CSS and DIVs. The template has everything we need to get started and put our logos and fill in the content and get up and running quickly. We also purchased the Installation add on option. The installation happened with 2hrs of purchase and was completed by the TemplateMonster staff - we did not have to touch it. We were also able to use the online chat feature to get our questions answered right away by friendly support staff. The only comment I would make is that we also purchased a mobile friendly plugin, and it turns out we have to figure out how to download and install that ourselves, since it's a third party plugin and not included in installation. We probably would not have purchased it if we knew this up front. But for all the items under template monster control we have been very happy. Thanks


Thank you for your feedback! We do provide support for all the products purchased from our site or at least provide with all the necessary instructions and tutorials. If you buy any third-party plugin, then you should contact the provider directly.

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Web Forms

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WordPress Page Templates

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Requerimentos para software e hospedagem

  • Adobe Photoshop CC+

    Adobe Photoshop CC+

  • descompactador ZIP

    descompactador ZIP

  • Servidor Apache

    Servidor Apache

  • WordPress 3.8.x

    WordPress 3.8.x

  • MySQL 5.0+

  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

    The mod_rewrite Apache module

  • PHP 5.3+

    PHP 5.3+

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