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A lot of page templates, a beautiful layout, a very nice final result for our website.
This is really a great template! Everything works nice and havent notices any issues with it... it is simple HTML (without any database support), but it allows for easy integration with anything one might need. thanks for this template!
Tested for Ie7, Ie8, IE9, Firefox 29.0, Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 m, Safari 5.17 (7534.57.2). Also tablet with windows 8.1 and viewed at Safari in iOS 7, all worked nice! This is a nice responsive website template and worth to buy. I like the coding style most, quite simple and clear.
Love the template. I am happy that it is viewable on iPad and mobile devices.
I am gradually getting to learn responsive web design, it being the new paradigm shift in web development. I wanted something quick and dirty but with this design, I got more than I bargained for. Whats more? The code is easy to understand and customize to suit my needs

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