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For a greater than expected media impact

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A Template Monster E Os Vinhetas After Effects

A Template Monster oferece aos seus clientes, modelos da mais alta qualidade no mercado: os nossos vinhetas after effects foram cuidadosamente criados pela nossa equipe designers profissionais para lhe fornecer um excelente conteúdo. Um grupo de jovens talentosos trabalham com grandes entusiasmos em nossa empresa, mais de 50 designers gráficos externos também estão ligados à nossa empresa e trabalham duro para oferecer aos nossos clientes os melhores recursos para usar em seus projetos. Recebemos milhares de visitas por mês, por isso sabemos o que é importante para os nossos clientes, novos vinhetas after effects são adicionados frequentemente, oferecemos tudo que você precisa em design.

Key Features

Excellent Audio

After Effects Intros sound amazing as we have combined technology and creativity to help elevate the video production. You will be able to add or delete sound effects and background music to get the audio content you need for your project.

Simple Customization

Due to simple customization you can add/change images and texts in your videos. There are unique video effects and animations available. This option lets you save on costly plugins. Besides, you can cut down or expand the time of video running. It is also possible to add, delete scenes, and alter their duration.

Supported Video and Animation Formats

1920/1080 HD resolution makes the product suitable for viewing on a large variety of devices with high and low screen resolutions. The feature provides easy video rendering into any format that fits your needs and is supported by After Effects.

Special Properties

After Effects intros are one of those awesome media and video products that TemplateMonster is proud to provide to its audience. These templates are meant to be your ultimate tool in video production as they are perfect for special effects creation, video post-production, TV and broadcasting purposes, or video ads. In addition to that, each After Effects intro is delivered in full HD quality (HD1080) and have the stock videos and footages included.