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Журнал изменений

v2.3.3 (July 10, 2019)

  • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.3.2

v2.2.3 (May 25, 2019)
  • - fixed: AMP validation issue
  • - fixed: dump.sql issues
  • - fixed: hover effect on product listing page

v2.3.2 (May 3, 2019)
  • - delete: Sample Data Installer

v2.3.1 (Aprl 22, 2019)
  • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.3.1

v2.3.0 (February 20, 2019)
  • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.3
  • - fixed: 4 minor database bugs
v2.2.1 (Oct 20, 2018)
  • - fixed: slider display issues
v2.2.0 (November 7, 2018)
  • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.2.6
  • - fixed: 2 minor database bugs
v2.1.18 (July 23, 2018)
  • - update: Compatible with Magento version 2.2.5
  • - fixed: 2 minor database bugs
  • - fixed: "Update" icon in mini-cart
  • - fixed: validate star field for reviews

v2.1.10 (April 24, 2018)
  • - UPDATE: new version of Magento engine 2.2.3
  • - UPDATE: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) extension
  • - fixed: Checkout,featured product widget,brand multistore,Minimum Advertised Price
v2.1.9 (February 16, 2018)
  • - ADDED: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) extension
  • - UPDATE: Featured products widget
  • - fixed: Minicart

9 Отзывов к этому продукту

Понравился этот шаблон, купил, не пожалел, полет нормальный!
Goo dlooking template with some cool functionality. Has a few bugs and not compatible with latest security releaes of Magento. Update process is not feasible. You have to start from scratch and lose all of your data and db. Not worth it if you ever want/need to update your site for security and compliance.
Thank you for your comment. The template is compatible with Magento 2.2.1, 2.2.2. We are currently working on the update to Magento 2.2.3.
Business Owner - I have no huge experience with Website design - I have previously used Wordpress but wanted something slightly more professional looking. The Magento Theme takes a bit of getting used to, its not as intuitive as Wordpress, but the final results are brill, very pleased with the theme, having made a few changes to the template to give exactly what I wanted. The process of purchasing through Templatemonster was easy so all in all very happy.
The product seems well built and easy to understand. There has been a problem with the google maps mod but other then that I am very impressed.
Nice theme, easy to edit. Im already looking for my next template.
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Can you have this template currency change to Australia Dollars ? Also can I insert Video in the product page. Thanks
Hello Gary. Thank you for questions. Here is a tutorial how to set up the default currency: https://www.templatemonster.com/help/magento-how-to-set-default-language-and-currency.html Regarding video on the product page you can insert it with the help of the following guide: https://www.templatemonster.com/help/magento-framework-how-to-addchange-product-video.html Have a nice day!
Is possible translate this template to another languge?
Thank you for your comment. Yes, you can [install a new language](https://www.templatemonster.com/help/how-to-install-a-new-language.html) or translate some particular elements [using Magento translation tool.](https://www.templatemonster.com/help/magento-how-to-use-translate-inline-feature.html)
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PHP extensions: bc-math, curl, gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both, intl, mbstring, mcrypt, mhash, openssl, PDO/MySQL, SimpleXML, soap, xml, xsl, zip
PHP OPcache
Adobe Photoshop CS+ Adobe Photoshop CS+
Sublime Text2 или другие версии, Notepad++ или любой php-редактор
Для распаковки ZIP-архива шаблона: WinZip 9+ (Windows); Stuffit Expander 10+ (Mac)
Apache 2.2 or 2.4 Apache 2.2 or 2.4
MySQL 5.6 MySQL 5.6
MySQL 5.7 MySQL 5.7
nginx 1.x nginx 1.x
PHP 7.2.x PHP 7.2.x
PHP 7.1.3+ PHP 7.1.3+