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Manufacturing Company №59427 - Изображения фич 1Manufacturing Company №59427 - Изображения фич 2Manufacturing Company №59427 - Изображения фич 3Manufacturing Company №59427 - Изображения фич 4Manufacturing Company №59427 - Изображения фич 5Manufacturing Company №59427 - Изображения фич 6

Журнал изменений

Steel v1.1 2020-06-26

  • The ability to specify a background color when activating the "Sticky" mode was added to the Container widget. In this case, the background color of the Container may be different in the normal mode and in the "Sticky" mode;
  • The new Breadcrumbs widget was added to the admin panel. This graphic control element aims to simplify the entire navigation on the website;
  • Google Search was added to the admin panel. It includes 2 widgets - Google Search and Google Search Results. Now you can add a powerful search tool to your website and give users the freedom to discover your indexed content on a click;
  • Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
  • Bugs fixed.

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Everything went perfectly fine - the template was well built, without any bugs, etc. Installation service was fast, also the support.
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