Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 1Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 2Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 3Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 4Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 5Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 6Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 7Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 8Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 9Shopy Fashion №68259 - Изображения фич 10

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Your template is great but your customer service is terrible. You guys really need to lift your game if you want to be a serious business.
Купил специально для shopify - надеюсь что все будет хорошо работать... Выглядит все очень красиво в демоверсии, хочу открыть магазин для моды, футболок и других аксессуаров.
Very easy to use, loved how my paged finally looked! The support is very helpfull, even for someone who does not how to program the template allows a lot of changes.
Great Template Theme. Lots of variables for each page and easy to configure.
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Hi, There’s any way I can add an option to my products to be customized By the customer? My older theme came with that option, at the moment they are in the product they can click purchase and customize option next to it, is that posible with this theme? Thank you
Thank you for your feedback! This request is going to take some extra attention and cannot be solved without looking into it closer. Please, submit your request to us by using our online form at and describe in details the issues you are having. We will thoroughly look it over and get back to you via email with an alternative solution.
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