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In the past, yo got what you saw. nowadays, you get the temnplate with placeholder images without any warning.
Hello Christof Michael, Im really SORRY for this issue. I wanted to add demo images in template bundle but TemplateMonster authority dont want to do this. All images are premium images and if I add those images with bundle then it will be license issue. If you want then I can give you demo images. Please let me know about your thinking. Waiting for your reply. Thanks for bought my template.
Fácil de editar, lo único mejorable es el slider principal que no se adapta bien a móviles. El resto impecable la adapté sin problemas.
Super, Im recomend this template! Very clean html, css and js.
Thank You very much.
Perfect job! I like this template... About images in slide, I think who will use this template should instal own images.
Thank You very much.
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