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Nowadays, online sales are the most popular form of shopping. There are many systems available to sell your items. Choosing the right system is one thing, it is important how your shop will look to the user. I have put on the WordPress wordpress. Only on is there a choice of many templates and themes for my site. I chose the theme The Perfum Shop. This is a convenient, easy-to-use template with many interesting solutions. As a beginner and advanced user, WordPress will deal with templating templates. I recommend to all users of if you want to start your online sales adventure.
In looking for a template for my store, I found this one and it seems to have the qualities I am looking for. It is responsive and WPML ready. It is clean and has a great lay out. I have zero technical knowledge and rely on my webmaster to do all of the work. She was the one who recommended this template, and is looking forward to building my website with it. My current website is over 5 years old and I am ready to re-brand my product. I write and draw designs on a single grain of rice and place it in an oil filled vial to magnify and preserve the grain. I then set it in jewelry. Once my website is updated, you will be able to find it at
I have purchased template as i feel that the theme is clean and it had all the features I required. We are using the theme for a beauty product and the theme colour and design layout is perfectly apply to what we need without having much changes on it. The only thing I would suggest is that in the homepage slider, I’m having some trouble on sizing the photos to fit in the whole slider size as i am not really a graphics person, it did take me the some time to fit and size the homepage slider I have contacted customer support whenever i have queries with various questions and i am very impressed with the service provided they answer questions promptly and assist. That is one of the main reason why i will get template from TemplateMonster. Great Customer support and great templates
Thanks for your feedback. We're glad our support was useful for you.
good for my commerce website
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