Simlar — отмеченная наградами минималистичная бизнес-тема Wordpress

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Simlar — отмеченная наградами минималистичная бизнес-тема Wordpress - Features Image 1


v.1.2 - Minor Bugs Fixed v1.1 - Dear customers, please use the updated zip file (for new installations) v1.0 - First Release v1.1 - Bugs Fixed

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I loved this theme because it was very easy to use, I did not have to contact the author for any assistance because it is straightforward. I loved it and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs to do a website in three hours. I finished my website in exactly three hours and it pretty much fascinated me! If i could, i would put ten starts for ease to use and overally the product is good and produces professional websites.
I really like excellent template, I recommend it to everyone, congratulations to the author
Plantilla sencilla y efectiva. La instalación ha sido rápida y fácil y la importación de datos de ejemplo también ha sido buena.
We decided on this template. We are very happy that we advertised it because the template is very efficient, super fast and very easy to install. As it stands, the experts behind this template have put a lot of effort into making it user-friendly. We look forward to more templates from you. Keep it up guys, you have our greatest respect!

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