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A very good template for property services. everything is there so it is just to adjust the content to your own.
Gran Web Design, Facil de Instalar y bello diseño Muchas Gracias!!b
Found this template best suitable for our new real estate business and bought it last week. We have partly developed it for our company in Dubai. Thanks we are further working on it.
Soy agente de Bienes Raíces en México y buscaba una plantilla para mi nueva agencia. deseaba que tuviera una interfaz simple con el usuario y encontré esta con excelente precio y fácil de aplicar. estoy muy satisfecho.
We are still working on it to make it work. This requires getting used to it. I am not an expert in Wordpress. One thing though -- I was sold a plug in for full price, when it was available for 1/2 price elsewhere. I am out of pocket by $15. This is ofcourse the best looking site for REAL ESTATE

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