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The template was adaptable and lent stability to the project
Very nice theme, very easy to install and use, just follow the documentations which are prepared very well. I specially liked the feature of exporting and importing data for it. And it has a set of prepared data when imported, everything would be ready and very easy to modify. I have nothing negative to say about the theme, but the purchase process is not friendly, I got a phone call and then sent my credit card photo to process the purchase, it was inconvenient.
I am a journalist and I have a communications agency, I have no technical knowledge however got support 100% of Template Monster which helped me. The template is suitable for the design of my agency. thank you
Ive recently bought the Business Responsive WordPress Theme, and I must say I am really satisfied of it. It was the first time I was creating a website with a wordpress theme, si I didnt know anything about how it works before getting started. I wanted to design a simple website to present my company, and interact with people interested in it. I think Ive succeeded thanks to this theme. The design was great, with big pictures, slides, nice effects! More importantly, it was extremely easy to use: in one week I was able to build the website: changing images, edit text, change menu... With all the help you can find online, anybody can create a decent website! The only drawback I would highlight is the writing tools. We dont have enough tools to customize the style of writting (size, font, style, Undo...), and I couldnt find plugins that simply help me with it (didnt manage to install them). This is the main point that should be improved from my point of view, because it was really limiting the writing opportunities. Thanks again to the developers of this theme, they did a great job, Best wishes, Pierre-Baptiste
Very easy to use, clean design, fast, responsive and user friendly! The parallax effect on the homepage is very beautiful.

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