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very good template. easy import of sample data and setup was easy
Im looking for template with WPML ready WordPress and i found this. This template is very pretty, good looking and responsive. I use it on webpage for my project and Im so happy to use this template. I really like lazyload effect and parallax efect use on my pages and this template looks very good with this effects. Im so satisfied with this WordPress template and I recommend this template for all.
Everything about this theme is awesome. It is constantly updated, and the documentation is very thorough and easy to follow. I recommend it to anyone.
This theme we use for a web site development company, as the theme is very close to our clients goal, it was easy to carry out the implementation. We work with the client to reach a final result that pleases our client, but also conveys the idea that the advertising agency has passed us. The installation took place in a quiet way, we had no setbacks at this stage. Unfortunately we will not be able to pass a previous link because the site is in its final phase, part of correction and adaptation of some texts and images. Above all we would like to thank Template Monsters again, because whenever you need support they are ready to help us.
Me gusto por el estilo gráfico, me gusta que sea responsive y que permita construir un home dinámico visualmente. Soy un diseñador partícular que con los template me facilita mucho elaborar sitios a mis clientes. Actualmente el que recien compre lo modificare para que en vez de cigarros sea una web de quesos reconocidos en mi país. Muchas gracias por todo!!
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How to modify the header background color?
Thank you for your comment! We have created a ticket for our technical support team, that will contact you as soon as possible, TICKET ID HUH-381-62145. Andrea Gonzales
Hello , Can i disable the Lazy Load effect
Thank you for comment. Yes, sure, it is possible.You will need to disable Lazy Load plugin via admin panel. Check please this screenshot - http://prntscr.com/99i9ei We do not have tutorials how to disable it , but feel free to contact our Support Department and they will assist you with such request.
Hi Can I change the background color to white color?
Yes you can, go to Appearance and change the background colour in there.
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