TemplateMonster Scholarship Program

We at TemplateMonster manufacture the finest website templates and themes to suit the business and personal needs of our customers. No matter what CMS or eCommerce engine is used, one can find a beautiful high-performance theme on our website. We take pride in our most popular product – WordPress themes, and that includes some of the best education WordPress themes as well. Besides that, we educate internet users and provide them with the latest information on website building.

We believe that without great content website creation loses its initial purpose and meaning. This is why, we appreciate creative writing and wish to assist the aspiring copywriters in developing their talents.

This is why we have established the TemplateMonster Scholarship Program for Undergraduate or Postgraduate students who are passionate about website creation to get $1000 award.

This scholarship program may be of a particular interest to the students currently studying in the field of Marketing, Business or IT Communications. There is no need in being a web design professional or having web development experience of any kind. Passion for quality content creation in this area is enough.

If you think this program will be beneficial and contribute to your personal and professional growth, and you are positive you can succeed, feel free to contact us with the relevant details.

General Terms of Participation

In order to participate in TemplateMonster Scholarship Program you will have to create a piece of content between 1500-2000 words on the subject: “The Pros and Cons of Using a CMS vs Website Builder for Website Creation”

Make sure to include the following ideas:

  • What are CMS and website builders? Explain the difference.
  • Reflect upon the main features of both CMS and website builders.
  • Name the advantages and disadvantages of using both systems.
  • Conclude what way of website creation is suitable for different types of projects.

The individual with the most relevant and informative piece of content will receive an award of $1000. Please, continue reading if you want to learn more.


The following scholarship program is meant for students currently enrolled in colleges, universities.

The article you are going to submit will be run through plagiarism checker. While reading the submitted content, we will consider the following aspects: uniqueness, creativity, value of information and a few other.

How to Submit your Application

Write a piece of content of 1500-2000 words long and send it to us in a Word file.

Email us at scholarship [at]templatemonster.com. Don’t forget to include the information requested below and attach the .doc(x) file with your article.

  • Personal Data: First & Last name, Phone, and Home Address (this will never be shared or sold).
  • School / College Name
  • Area of Study / Major

Please note: by submitting your piece of content for participation in TemplateMonster Scholarship Program, you are granting us the permission to use it for our marketing purposes.


The deadline for submission is November 30, 2017, and we will select the winner by December 15, 2017. We will contact the winner with the congratulations and ask for the details to proceed with paying the reward.

Have questions? Send your emails to scholarship [at]templatemonster.com

We anticipate your participation in TemplateMonster Scholarship Program!

2017 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations on winning the scholarship, Denisha Pickett! Keep being awesome! 🙂

Thank you TemplateMonster for considering and selecting my essay as the recipient for this scholarship. It is a great honor and will be significantly beneficial towards my tuition. Again, thank you for this opportunity, I am very grateful.

Denisha Pickett
Florida International University