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Our PPC Audit Services Include:

Keywords analysis
Ad groups and ads copy audit
Targeted audience analysis
Bid strategy audit
The action plan (recommendations)

How It Works:

  1. Getting the Details

    6 hours

    To start the AdWords account review, our support representative contacts the customer to receive the order details. We need the access details to a customer's AdWords account.

  2. Account & Ad Campaigns Analysis

    1-2 days

    We conduct a thorough audit of the customer's AdWords account and ad campaigns. Then we analyze all the collected information to find the ways for optimizing them.

  3. Working out Recommendations

    1-2 days

    We prepare a document with the recommendations for the customer’s AdWords account and ad campaigns improvement based on our expert analysis.

  4. Sending PDF File

    1 day

    As soon as we are through with recommendations, we send a ready PDF file with all the tips on optimizing the AdWords account and ad campaigns to the customer.

To Provide Google AdWords Account Audit We Need:

  • access to your Google AdWords account

What You Get with Our PPC Audit Services

Do you want to check the effectiveness of your running ad campaigns and find out the ways for their improvement? We are ready to assist you. With our expert Google AdWords account audit, you will get the most from your PPC campaigns in the shortest period. Our qualified specialists will do their best to help you with generating more leads, driving sales, and increasing revenue significantly.

It’s a common fact that advertising on Google isn’t free. Therefore, it's vital to get the best results from this channel you possibly can. Get to know where things stand before investing significant time and money if you haven't already done it or stop and make improvements before you spend a fortune on your PPC advertising strategy! We'll help you to take a step back and look at things that might be missed in day-to-day management. You or your employees who are creating ads might have missed something crucial, but not that obvious. With professional PPC audit services, you will sort all problems out in no time.

Google AdWords account audit is the most efficient way to dig into your PPC account and discover specific areas that need improvement. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice to digital advertising or just don’t have time to fiddle around keywords, bid strategies, and campaign settings. In any case, we can help. We will make a thorough AdWords account review to determine what areas require optimizing. What’s more, we will give you useful recommendations on how to improve the situation.

As a result of the audit, you'll get a complete understanding of what goes wrong with your advertising campaigns and where you lose your budget. Which low performing keywords, ad groups, and ads copy you must pause to reduce irrelevant traffic and improve the quality of the account. Which ads, keywords, targeted audience, and bid strategy you need to use to increase your conversion rate.

We provide PPC audit services in English and Russian. In the end, you get a PDF file. It contains a detailed report on your account and ad campaigns together with the advice on their optimization.


Does Google AdWords account audit include implementing the changes to my ads and account?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. However, you can purchase AdWords account optimization separately. The service costs $150. It includes complete optimization of existing advertising campaigns, adding negative keywords, optimization of advertisements to increase CTR, pause inefficient keywords and ad groups, adding new high-converting keywords, target audience research, and creation. The service is provided in up to 7 business days.

To order the service, please contact our specialists in the application system or chat.

What digital ad campaigns do you analyze?

We conduct an audit of all the ad campaigns that are created in the customer's AdWords account (search, video, Gmail, display, and shopping campaigns). We also analyze all the ad groups and check the AdWords account settings. 

Do you check the linking of Google Analytics and AdWords?

Yes, during the audit, we check whether your AdWords account is linked correctly to other Google services or not.


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HE Helen Fabert
Thanks to Anna for this in-depth audit. It was really useful. I like the results after the optimization.
JA Jack Laxson
My ads work, finally! I have spent so much time on ads creation and optimization, but it was for nothing before I understood how to choose the best keywords for my business. Recommend this service!
TH Thomas Walker
I ordered extra ads optimization after the audit, and I liked both of the services. Professional and very fast.
  • In-Depth Audit by Experts
  • Fast Delivery
  • Customer Support
ETA ETA : 5 business days
$199 $199
Do you have a question about the product? Get help at any time!

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